Mixed Chicks customer

We’ve got an awesome testimonial to share! This little angel’s mother sent us this glowing feedback about her experience with Mixed Chicks! “I couldn’t do


We cannot get enough of the amazing feedback from our customers! Here’s one from Alishia about how Mixed Chicks changed her hair for the better!


Happy Friday Mixed Chicks fam! We’ve got a simple yet sweet customer testimonial from Clare. Her little curly girl Isabelle loves Mixed Chicks! “This is


We’ve got a wonderful customer testimonial to share with you today. This comes from Evelyn, a mother of two mixed babies. “My kids are mixed,

Mixed Chicks customer

Those curls and that face! No doubt! She’s a Mixed Chicks customer! “We use the mixed chicks leave in conditioner! We recommend it to everyone ❤”


Customer testimonial time! Here’s one from Yesenia, a Mixed Chicks customer with gorgeous straight locks that swears by our products! “For the first time in

Mixed Chicks customer

Another amazing customer testimonial! “We met you guys last weekend at the LA downtown Mixed Remixed Festival. I purchased some of your products for my


Here’s a customer testimonial from Simone, a Mixed Chicks customer and fan who lives for Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner.“Using ONLY mixed chicks of course! I


Your testimonials are what we live for! We love to hear how our hair care and beauty products work for you. Here’s one from Alyssa,


Here’s a customer testimonial that we just adore! “Hi! This is Aurora, she is 4 years old and we love using the Kids Tangle Tamer


This is Nariah Raquel, she is 9 years old & I have used mixed chicks on her since birth! There is no other product that