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Product Description

Mixed Chicks Hair Four Days Calming Cream (front)
Hair Four Days Calming Cream (4oz / 125ml) $8.00
(95 customer reviews)


  • Refreshes and restyles next-day hair and beyond
  • Detangles
  • Moisturizes
  • Condition
  • Defines curls

Liven up your tresses with our leave-in spray that conditions & detangles day-old curls and helps style easier. Redefines curls helping hair look good, and smell like it was just washed! Transforms dull, lifeless hair into re-energized and recharged curls!  Great for all hair types

instrucciones: aplique generosamente en todo el cabello y masajee para revitalizar. no enjuague. deje secar el cabello naturalmente o séquelo con un difusor. repetir diariamente hasta por cuatro días.

advertencia: en caso de contacto con los ojos, enjuague inmediatamente, solo para uso externo, usar con supervisión de un adulto.

mode d’emploi: Appliquer généreusement tout le long des cheveux et les froisser pour redonner de l’énergie. Ne pas rincer. Laisser les cheveux sécher à l’air ou les sécher avec un diffuseur. Répéter tous les jours pour jusqu’à 4 jours.

avertissement: en cas de contact avec les yeux, rincer immédiatement, pour usage externe uniquement, utiliser avec la surveillance d’un adulte.

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95 reviews for Hair Four Days Curl Refresher Leave-in Spray (10oz / 250ml)

  1. (verified owner) :

    Omg, this product leaves my looking fresh again! Will buy this product again.

  2. (verified owner) :

    This product has become part of the daily routine for my biracial daughter. Makes her curls look refreshed and detangled every morning.

  3. (verified owner) :

    Praise for this daily go to when my curls need their morning boost to start our day together. Nails it every time.

  4. (verified owner) :

    I ordered my first set in 2021… Since then nothing has compared and here we are in 2023 and I’ll never make that mistake again. My daughter is biracial, her hair is VISIBLY healthier with this product…in the winter i can even mist water to refresh her hair after 4 days of using it and still get a way with out washing her hair for another 5 days…while having fresh & light curls.. incredible product. I share it with everyone i can- that’s why I bought 2 bottles!!

  5. (verified owner) :

    Refreshes curls and removes frizz! Brings day(s) old curls back to life. My daughter, mom and I love this stuff. The only complaint I have is the spray bottle. Some times I get one that sprays and other times I don’t. When it does work, I wish it was more of a mist rather than a spray.

  6. (verified owner) :

    I absolutely love this product! Smells great and works well with my curls! A great curl refresher!

  7. (verified owner) :

    Makes my hair look wonderful each time I use it. These products are wonderful

  8. (verified owner) :

    I absolutely LOVE the curl refresher spray. It revives my curls and smells so GOOD!!

  9. (verified owner) :

    I am interested in how this product will work with my hair. So far, what I’ve purchased from Mixed Chicks have been a success. Thank you.

  10. (verified owner) :

    Can’t wait to use it!

  11. (verified owner) :

    Best ever

  12. (verified owner) :

    Spritz in the AM locks in shine, moisture and ensures a fresh look all day. Always a plus that it’s good for my hair & smells Amazing!

  13. (verified owner) :

    Perfect to use first thing in the mornings!
    Super light! My curly hair loves it!

  14. (verified owner) :

    The product works well and smells nice but the spray bottle is way too intense. I could hear the stuff hitting my bathroom wall and I have thin, fine hair, so it was hard to use. A finer spray would have been better

  15. (verified owner) :

    I make sure to reorder half way through the bottle so I don’t run out. A couple of sprays on hair and no tangles at all. This stuff is amazing

  16. (verified owner) :

    We bought the Hair for Days product for the first time about a month ago. It worked perfect! We have two girls and it makes their curls last longer after washes leaving it moisturized, soft and smelling fresh.

  17. (verified owner) :

    Love using this product on my coarse coily hair.
    Hair Four Days Leave-in spray keeps my hair moisturized, fresh and fragrant with a natural shine for days. I don’t need to retwist my hair as often and my styles last longer. Less frizz and gives my hair a glow on the go!

  18. (verified owner) :

    This is a very good product. I’m always so very pleased with the results, of its ability to help detangle my hair.

  19. (verified owner) :

    I LOVE the Hair Four Days Curl Refresher spray!! I have wavy hair so after putting my hair up and sleeping on it, my waves are blah. The curl refresher spray brings my waves back to life! I ordered 3 bottles so I don’t run out anytime soon. My daughters use and love this as well….they are naturally curly, mixed chicks ????

  20. (verified owner) :

    I love this product! It extends the time between washes.
    BUT – the sprayer does not work because the product is too thick for it.
    Also, several local beauty supply stores have stopped carrying Mixed Chicks products due to the distributor requiring high minimum orders. That is a shame – I like to support local businesses.

  21. (verified owner) :

    This is a great refresher on days that you don’t have time to wash your mountains of curls.

  22. (verified owner) :

    A friend told us about these products for our biracial 2yr-old son after I mentioned that his hair always looks best on bath day and then four days later, and she said these have worked great for there kids curly hair! We can’t wait to try it along with the kids products we ordered!

  23. (verified owner) :

    I am simply obsessed with this product! Keeps my curls looking fresh! Couldn’t have picked a better name for this product. The real deal, no ????

  24. (verified owner) :

    I LOVE hair four days refresher!!! It gives my daughter‘s curls life back into them and gives it that bouncy luscious curl look!

  25. (verified owner) :

    I use this product to freshen my son’s curls before styling. We use it in place of our regular detangler and we end up using less styling products. It smells great!

  26. (verified owner) :

    I’m still figuring out my curls but I love this product!

  27. (verified owner) :

    This works perfectly for my 3 year old daughter whom is half African American and quarter Persian. It leashes her long coils soft and defined!

  28. (verified owner) :

    It does wonders to my daughter hair ❤️

  29. (verified owner) :

    Outstanding! I spray it in, scrunch and my curls are fresh and looking terrific again!

  30. (verified owner) :

    I love this product! It helps my curls pop and stay moisturized in between washing! It works great on my hair!

  31. (verified owner) :

    I’m so grateful to have found a product that works with me & not against me. For years I couldn’t wear my hair naturally & I was jealous of those that could. Now I can join my sisters & be natural too! Mixed chicks came along in the nick of time since I’m entering into menopause. Thanks again for a great product line!!!

  32. (verified owner) :

    Im in love with this spray!!!

  33. (verified owner) :

    This works!! I’ve never used a product that works as well as this one to refresh my curls. It really doesn’t take much as long as I wet my hair (with a spray bottle) as well. I wish the spray was a little wider, rather than as targeted as it is, but I won’t let that stop me. I’m very happy with this product!

  34. (verified owner) :

    I love using this product! It refreshes my curls with minimal use!

  35. (verified owner) :

    Love, love, love this product. It keeps my little guys curls and coils refreshed, hydrated, even gives it a little bounce. I use it in conjunction with the redefining foam in the mornings and off he goes. Love all mixed chicks products!!!

  36. (verified owner) :

    I love this product for my daughter’s curly hair❤️❤️

  37. (verified owner) :

    I love this product especially when I’m on the run and don’t have time to wash my hair! I spray it in my hair and it smells so good and my curls look so refreshed!!

  38. (verified owner) :

    This product works like a charm. My daughter loves to use this to make her curls nice and springy.

  39. (verified owner) :

    Just trying to eek out an extra day or two of curl…works GREAT!!!!

  40. (verified owner) :

    great product

  41. (verified owner) :

    I don’t know if I like it… 1/2 the bottle had emptied out before I even got it into the zip lock bag it was transported in. Retrieved most of it. But the spray bottle does not work. Have contacted customer service without response or replacement.

  42. (verified owner) :

    My daughter uses this but we both love it. I would watch the videos on social media and tell her to try it. She finally did one day and hasn’t stopped using it. It is now apart of her morning routine. Having the right hair products made all the difference with my teenage daughter finally learning to love and appreciate her hair (thank you). I’ve spent so much money since she was little trying to find the right product for her curl pattern. Mixed Chicks offers something for most hair types. And that’s what I love. Even I can use some of the products. Mahalo nui MC.

  43. (verified owner) :

    I love how this product makes my girls curls have so much life. We use it almost everyday to loosen up bed head and then help the curls form back up.

  44. (verified owner) :

    This is something that makes my curls feel extra soft even after a couple of days of already having other products in my hair. It’s a nice reset without having to really reset!

  45. (verified owner) :

    I love this product! I use it every weekday before work. It’s great being able to spray comb and go.

  46. (verified owner) :

    I have never used it, but I’m excited to. MC hasn’t let me down yet.

  47. (verified owner) :

    Haven’t tried yet just bought. However looking forward to using it.

  48. (verified owner) :

    Spray bottle does not work. I’ve been pouring the product into my hand then applying it to my daughter’s hair but it would be nice if the spray bottle worked.

  49. (verified owner) :

    This product is fabulous it definitely defines my curls plus the fragrance is great!

  50. (verified owner) :

    I have curly hair at times frizzes with humidity. It definitely does exactly what the description states. It redefines the curls and helps with the frizz.

  51. (verified owner) :

    Haven’t received this particular product yet but if it is as great as the Leave In Conditioner and the Perfume Mist; I know I will love it! I’m 61 years old and have been waiting my whole life for these kind of products!

  52. (verified owner) :

    In good faith, I’m looking forward to this product helping to detangle my hair when on very rare occasions that I may blow dry my hair

  53. (verified owner) :

    *Haven’t tried yet- just bought. However looking forward to using it. Hoping it travels in toiletries bag well.

  54. (verified owner) :

    Haven’t tried yet- just bought. However looking forward to using it. Hoping it travels in toiletries bag well.

  55. (verified owner) :

    I love this product it really revitalizes my curls!!

  56. (verified owner) :

    I have struggled for years to find the right product for my day old curls, and ???? I am truly impressed with this product!! So much that it is now my go to, and now they have some new stuff!!!! Yes! I can’t wait to try the volume zero and frizz tamer when my order gets here. Thank you Mixed Chicks.

  57. (verified owner) :

    Absolutely enjoying this product.
    Refreshes, moisturizes and softens my natural hair daily, allowing me to maintain the my style longer.
    This is definitely a must have! Security lock on spray bottle was tricky, but once located, I truly appreciate it.
    Secure for traveling.

  58. (verified owner) :

    ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE!!! I am so in love with this product. For years I have “refreshed” my curls with water, but after trying this I’m never going back to plain old H2O! This spray adds softness, shine, and tames frizz unlike water alone. I L-O-V-E it!!!!

  59. (verified owner) :

    Okay well i cant wait to use it but how the heck does it spray???

  60. (verified owner) :

    Such a good product !

  61. (verified owner) :

    Nozzle is a little tricky but overall product is perfect!

  62. (verified owner) :

    Struggled to use it, but love the way it smells

  63. (verified owner) :

    This is a must have

  64. (verified owner) :

    Great for waking up curls in the morning or for a lift in the evening before heading out for fun. Recommend!

  65. (verified owner) :

    The Product works great….I use it daily!!

  66. (verified owner) :

    Can’t really tell whether this product works for me because the sprayer doesn’t work. Tried pouring into a couple of other spray bottles and it’s too thick for them. So?! Not a fan right now. If I can get some resolution to this problem I’ll let you know what that is and give another review.

  67. (verified owner) :

    This product to arrive And appreciate a natural ingredients

  68. (verified owner) :

    A game changer! My son can spray on in the morning and his hair looks great again!!

  69. (verified owner) :

    This product is amazing. Makes my daughter’s curls defined and keeps the frizz away. The bottle sucks though! I had to work for 5 minutes to get it to start spraying the first time and there’s no mist setting, just hard stream. I put it into another bottle with mist feature which was able to give more overall coverage which worked much better. Please change the bottle.

  70. (verified owner) :

    Love this product!! I use it daily to refreshing my curls!

  71. (verified owner) :

    I love this product! It refreshes my curls better than water and leaves them even curlier and more defined.

  72. (verified owner) :

    My new favorite product. This is what I have needed to keep my curls fresh. frizz free, and beautiful. It decreases my need for shampooing so frequently, which is good because frequent shampooing dries my hair out. Thank you for this product!

  73. (verified owner) :

    I haven’t us this product yet but it sounds good.

  74. (verified owner) :

    The product itself is good, however the bottle doesn’t allow product to be released so had to put product in a regular spray bottle, which doesn’t dispense well.

  75. (verified owner) :

    This is a great 2nd, 3rd and 4th day product! But the spray bottle does not work. I poured the product into a different bottle and tried to get the bottle to work – it wouldn’t even work with water.

  76. (verified owner) :

    Great product!

  77. (verified owner) :

    I like the product as it revitalizes my curls and makes it feel like it was just washed. I agree with the other comments that a mist would be a much better application.

  78. (verified owner) :

    I spray this on my hand and add it because it sprays straight and not a mist

  79. (verified owner) :

    I love that I can spray a little bit in my hair, use my fingers to comb through it and go!

  80. (verified owner) :

    Like the product for refreshing my daughters curls on days they don’t need a bath. It makes their hair look normal and curly again, and their crazy bed head disappears. The only problem with the product is the horrible spray bottle. The sprayer never worked at all, I had to go buy a spray bottle for this product. But I am repurchasing the product, as I like it and now I have a spray bottle I can transfer it to. But it would be nice if in the future, Mixed Chicks got more durable spray bottles.

  81. (verified owner) :

    Oh Wow… I have never liked my 2 day curly hair. It just always seems un-fresh and matted down. I love this product. I actually like my 2 day curl even better than my first day curl. What?!?! I love Mixed Chicks products!

  82. (verified owner) :

    Very impressed with this leave in conditioner! I was afraid it would leave my daughters curls heavy or greasy, but it’s the exact opposite. My daughters curls are fuller, bouncier, and her hair some how looks longer! I am soo impressed with this product and it smells amazing!!

    It took me a second to open the spray, but it’s actually a lot easier than I was making it seem. Just pull the pin out and you’re good to go!

  83. (verified owner) :

    After receiving this item, I reread all of the reviews because I was confused about how to actually open the spray nozzle and I was afraid of breaking the mechanism. After getting through to Customer Service (CS) immediately, I was patiently walked through the process several times before it made sense to me. Finally, I found the little toggle button she was referring to (one patient lady ☺), which is between the nozzle and the cap and doesn’t stick out very far. As it is pushed, it pops out on the other side. I was then advised to unscrew the cap just slightly and spray a couple of times to get the flow going. Success!!

    As far as application, just follow the instructions on the bottle and you’ll be good. It isn’t a mist type spray. I tested it by spraying a small amount into my palm. It’s a lovely lightweight gel consistency and spraying into your waves and curls facilitates getting the product where it needs to be.

    Fantastic product. Mixed Chicks is a deep well of productive creativity. Thank you ☺

  84. (verified owner) :

    This product makes my hair look so refreshed and lots of curl not to mention body. I love it, love it, love it.

  85. (verified owner) :

    Love this product! My hair needs all the moisturizing and conditioning it can get right now and Hair Four Days does the trick!

  86. (verified owner) :

    Love it! Really makes my hair curly.

  87. (verified owner) :

    I love it makes my hair feel like I don’t have anything in it. Very lightweight and smells great

  88. (verified owner) :

    I tried this for the first week and decided that this is a product I never want to run out of and immediately ordered two more bottles.

  89. (verified owner) :

    It took a while to figure out that I liked this! I wet my hair with this, keeping my curls from separating as I add this. Then I defuse it until dry and scrunch the curls. It gives my hair another day or two before I wash.

  90. (verified owner) :

    Loved this product. Does exactly what it is supposed to do, not heavy, leaves hair soft and manageable!!

  91. (verified owner) :

    This product is awesome! It makes doing my hair in the morning so much faster and it makes my hair is super soft! I do wish the spray bottle would be able to spray as a mist but it’s not a big deal for me.

  92. (verified owner) :

    This product does it’s job. I love the smell. Only complaint is the sprayer didn’t work for me. I just moved the contents to another spray bottle which is okay.

  93. (verified owner) :

    The spray nozzle is awful. You cannot turn it to disperse as a mist. It’s very annoying that a stream is unevenly been shot into one small area at a time. Don’t know why or how anyone would want that. Especially is with curls…. would be better to mist so I can evenly distribute through my hair.

  94. (verified owner) :

    Makes your curls soft and pop!

  95. (verified owner) :

    This leave-in conditioner kept my hair hydrated and refreshed all week. The products did exactly what they said they would and it was well worth the price!

apply generously throughout hair and scrunch to re-energize. do not rinse out. allow hair to air dry or blow dry with diffuser. repeat daily for up to 4 days.

in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately, for external use only, use with adult supervision.