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Mixed Chicks Kid's Quad Pack (front)
Kid's Quad Pack (4 x 8oz) $40.00
Mixed Chicks Shampoo For Kids (33oz / 1 liter)
Shampoo For Kids (33oz / 1 LITER) $35.00

Kid’s Tangle-Tamer Refill (33oz / 1 LITER)

(6 customer reviews)


Worried about what to do the next day with your little one’s nest? Our light, moisturizing formula revives bedhead and gives wild hair a fresh look.

This should be used as re-filler for 8oz size.

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6 reviews for Kid’s Tangle-Tamer Refill (33oz / 1 LITER)

  1. (verified owner) :

    I bought this for the kids but my husband loves the smell and so much that he uses it too. I had to end up buying the 33oz.

  2. (verified owner) :

    A must have product!! It works great on my daughter’s hair and smells so good.

  3. (verified owner) :

    I use this on my daughter’s thick curly hair and it makes it so much easier to comb through without it being all over the place.

  4. (verified owner) :

    This has worked wonders for my daughters hair, it was always a tangled mess, but with this her hair is so much easier to brush through and looks perfect at the end of the day.

  5. (verified owner) :

    Best de tangler for curly hair or for that matter all hair! My daughter has curly hair and I have strait long hair but I use it too! Love the smell as well.

  6. (verified owner) :

You can use Mixed Chicks TANGLE TAMER many ways. Here are some ideas:

1. Spray into wet or damp hair, comb through tangles, then style…or even fashion hair into a pony tail. This works great with hair that already has our kids leave-in conditioner worked in.

2. For stubborn tangle-areas: while wet, spray a generous amount into hair along with Mixed Chicks kids conditioner, comb through, then rinse.

3. In a spray bottle, mix 1 part tangle-tamer, 1 part Mixed Chicks kids leave-in conditioner & 5 parts water. Spritz hair and detangle one section at a time.

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