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Product Description

Mixed Chicks Shampoo For Kids (front)
Kids Shampoo (33oz / 1 LITER) $35.00
Mixed Chicks Conditioner for Kids (front)
Kids Conditioner (33oz / 1 LITER) $35.00
(66 customer reviews)


33oz (1L) of Kids Leave-in Conditioner. Use this product to define kid’s curly hair. Designed for our little ones. This styler is colorless, fragrance-free, and paraben-free.

  • Reduces frizz
  • Helps to define curls
  • Gives a soft-styled hold

More about this product’s key ingredients: We purposely left out the color additives and did not ad fragrance. Many parents want fewer chemicals for products, so we tried to use a few as possible and keep the product performing its best. Safflower oil and Jojoba have been shown to help nourish, soften and shine.

Acondicionador sin enjuague para niños

Evita el encrespado y define los rizos

Tratamiento para cabello rizado

33 oz líquidas / 1 L

Speziell für die Kleinen. Dieses Stylingprodukt ist farblos, frei von Parfüm und Parabenen und enthält keine aggressiven Chemikalien.

Bietet dezenten Halt
Stoppt Frizz
Definiert Locken

Am Tag nach der Haarwäsche reicht es in der Regel, das Haar einfach anzufeuchten, etwas mehr Leave-in Conditioner aufzutragen und das Haar mit den Fingern zu stylen. Es muss also nicht jeden Tag Shampoo sein.

In nasses Haar einmassieren, nicht ausspülen, an der Luft trocknen lassen und dann stylen.

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66 reviews for Kids Leave-In Conditioner (33oz / 1 LITER)

  1. (verified owner) :

    This stuff is fabulous! We use it after the bath and it looks lovely.

  2. (verified owner) :

    This stuff is fabulous! We use it after the bath and it looks lovely. Just need to figure out what to do for the morning refresh. Still working on that – recommendations are requested from anyone who might be able to point me in the right product to use. Their hair gets “fluffy” as opposed to tight in the morning

  3. (verified owner) :

    Works great! We put in in wet hair after bath at night leaving it to air dry and their hair looks great in the morning.

  4. (verified owner) :

    The only product that we have found to work for both me and my daughter! It is lightweight, and not greasy.

  5. (verified owner) :

    This is the only leave-in product I use for myself and my child! It’s the only product I need to make my hair look gorgeous and feel great, every day!

  6. (verified owner) :

    This conditioner has been used by my kids every day for the last 11 years! Their curls look amazing! I’m so grateful to Mixed Chicks for bringing this product to life, & for educating me as a white mom of biracial kids. I didn’t know what I was doing until I was introduced to your products by my brother in law when our first baby was 1. Thanks for all you do! We appreciate you!

  7. (verified owner) :

    We love this product for our daughter’s 3C curls. Really helps with the frizz and tangles!

  8. (verified owner) :

    I am white haired adult and I use the kids leave in conditioner to combat the yellow hue that is left by the adult leave in conditioner. This seems to work better. I wish that mixed chicks would acknowledge and advise about which products are best for white hair.

  9. (verified owner) :

    Mixed chicks leave in for kids is great for thick curly hair! It leaves my sons hair conditioned and looking great every use! Our go to products

  10. (verified owner) :

    I am a senior with curly white hair, and have used this product (Kids Leave-in Conditioner) for years. Previously I used the regular version of the leave-in-conditioner, but found that if I accidentally applied too much, it left my hair with a slight yellow cast. Mixed Chicks customer service recommended the Kids’ version to me, which is white (and incidentally, unscented) and seems to work just as well as the adult version. It works like a styling product, giving my curls some definition, but without a hard “crunchy” surface. I’ve stopped experimenting with alternative products, because this one meets my needs.

  11. (verified owner) :

    Works great on both of my sons mixed race hair (level 4 c textured tight curls and level 4 curls). We use liberally after bath in the evening and their hair looks great with a little finger fluffing and light hydration in the morning. We use it everyday.

  12. (verified owner) :

    Even on my son’s 1 year old baby hair, this leave in keeps his curls tamed and springy without bringing back his cradle cap – this eczema baby needs the gentlest of formulas and this is the winner in our house!

  13. (verified owner) :

    This product does wonders for my girls curly hair. It keeps the hair moisturized.

  14. (verified owner) :

    We leave this on my little ones hair after baths and her curls are prefect! It’s light enough and unscented for my husband to use it for his beard too when it’s a little coarse.

  15. (verified owner) :

    We use this with olive oil for my 4 year old’s curly coily hair. It is unscented which is really important for us.

  16. (verified owner) :

    This is the best product we have found for our sweet girl’s head of curls. It helps keep them defined all day long.

  17. (verified owner) :

    This is the best product for my daughter’s curls. We’ve tried many others and they don’t come close. I also love that it’s unscented.

  18. (verified owner) :

    This is a great product for my girls hair . Their hair is thick, curly and stays in tangles. I use this product and it gets tangled out and leaves the hair curly all day.

  19. (verified owner) :

    This is the only product that my two girls will use on their hair. It gets expensive but it’s worth it.

  20. (verified owner) :

    Love this product! Not sticky. Does not make the hair hard. Does not flake. Been using it for years!

  21. (verified owner) :

    Used this product for my toddler daughters, really liked the way it took the tangles out.
    Only problem with the products are that they have a strong smell of alcohol. Really wish Mixed Chucks could use less chemicals such as alcohols and all the other ingredients especially since they are for children.
    Will continue to buy until I find something with less harmful ingredients.

  22. (verified owner) :

    I am an adult and I use the kids leave in conditioner because I love that it provides my hair with the perfect balance of moisture, shine, definition, and hold for my naturally wavy, very dry, fine textured, low density hair. This product will not leave your hair sticky, greasy or crunchy. It has absolutely no smell to it whatsoever. I don’t get major buildup with it at all. Most importantly, I can use it all year round no matter the season, even when the weather is crazy hot and humid outside too, and it keeps my hair looking freshly done and frizz free all day. Also, to refresh my hair in the mornings, all I do is re-apply a bit more leave in conditioner and voila, I am good to go! So, the kids leave in conditioner can most definitely be used on both kids and adults curls alike (in case any of you adults have been wondering). I like to buy the liter size because this stuff is just so amazing and I don’t ever want to run out! Plus, the company’s shipping is super fast and the owners are super nice as well. No matter what your race, gender, age, or curltype, Mixed Chicks has got you covered. They offer a wonderful array of products for everyone in the family.

  23. (verified owner) :

    I have been using it now for nearly two years and even when I go to inspect other products, I somehow go back to this one. I believe that tells the tale.

  24. (verified owner) :

    I got the 4-pack to try this with my toddler twin boys and love it. It’s perfect for their texture, which is soft, tight ringlets. Other thicker leave-in creams are a bit sticky before bed, this gets worked in better and is perfect before bed. Just reordered but the 33oz.

  25. (verified owner) :

    This product is amazing! It’s helps so much with the detangling process. It’s cuts down on the time needed for detangling and moisturizes so well. This leave in is a staple my daughter’s coily hair care routine!

  26. (verified owner) :

    I just ordered this product and cannot wait to try it on my two toddler daughters.

  27. (verified owner) :

    Me and my grandson and my daughter use this product mix chick kids conditioner and it’s great his hair is down his back, and in one year I went from a taper hair cut know my hair is on my shoulders and my daughters hair is in the middle of her back, it also makes your hair grow.

  28. (verified owner) :

    Love what this does for my daughters hair and how manageable it becomes and how easy it is to style after using.. a little GOES A LONG WAY

  29. (verified owner) :

    The only thing I’ve found that can contain my girls frizz with a great smell, chemical free and lasts ALL DAY LONG!

  30. (verified owner) :

    We’ve been using this on our 9 year old for years, and it’s amazing. Very sensitive skin and allergies in our household and this is one of the few products we can use without anyone breaking out. It smells great and works wonderfully on my son’s long curly hair 🙂

  31. (verified owner) :

    Absolutely love this for my grand daughter’s hair. It makes their hair so manageable and no frizz!!! Yes, love, love, love it.

  32. (verified owner) :

    My friend told me about Mixed Chicks, as she knows I’ve been on a personal hair journey. After I reached out to the crew at Mixed Chicks, I was happy to learn that they have chemical/scent-free options in the kid haircare section!! As a big kid at heart who’s sensitive to fragrance and chemicals it’s even harder to find products for me to use. I’m thrilled to be using the Kid Leave in Conditioner to style my salt & pepper adult curls. THANK YOU MIXED CHICK CREW!

  33. (verified owner) :

    Love the leave in conditioner. I use it everyday. Gives my two little ones curls moisture and helps keep away the frizz. They have to different textures and it works well on both.

  34. (verified owner) :

    This is the only product that works for my 3 year old! I have tried EVERYTHING out there and will only used Mixed Chicks to keep her curls well-defined, moisturized, and frizz free. She is biracial Black/White with 3a/3b curls. I use the whole kids line of products together.

  35. (verified owner) :

    The only leave in I LOVE for my 2 year olds super curly hair. We’ve tried others and always come back to mixed chicks. Leaves her hair soft but her curls super defined. Best product out there.

  36. (verified owner) :

    Light weight and keeps the tangles to a minimum for my two long curly haired girls

  37. (verified owner) :

    If your looking for light weight, convent styling products for your young persons hair, look no more!! This conditioner has EVERYTHING your child’s hair needs. My daughter’s hair is healthy and her curls defined thanks to this conditioner. Soo much easier to comb and style.

  38. (verified owner) :

    Love this product! My daughter’s hair is easier to comb out after we wash it and her curls stay tight and soft!

  39. (verified owner) :

    We had been using a different product on our daughter’s hair (3b/c) that was always so heavy and never seemed to soak in. On a whim, we tried this and will now be tossing that other stuff in the trash! Her hair is soft, her curls are beautiful, and there’s no gross product buildup.

  40. (verified owner) :

    This is my favorite product for my own hair and my daughter’s hair. It doesn’t smell weird, it isn’t sticky, and doesn’t weigh down the hair at all. No flaking or cast is left behind. Just less frizzy beautiful curls. Thanks for such an awesome product!

  41. (verified owner) :

    LOVE LOVE this product for my daughter’s hair. It does not leave clumpy residue like other leave-in’s. The best leave in for her hair by far!

  42. (verified owner) :

    Best leave in conditioner for kids with lots of curls. We love it!

  43. (verified owner) :

    The only leave-in conditioner that has ever worked on my boys curly hair. Brilliant.

  44. (verified owner) :

    I ended up buying 2 of the 330z bottles of this conditioner because this is the miracle worker. It quickly detangles, without much yanking on the hair.

  45. (verified owner) :

    I absolutely love this! I have used the kids leave in conditioner for years. I have blonde hair and use this every time I wash my hair, the white, colorless formula keeps my hair from yellowing. I use it outside of the shower as a styling cream before I scrunch my hair. I usually let it air dry until almost complete and then put it into a pineapple ponytail during the last phase to add crown height. I sleep with it that way all night, every night. I love the spiral curls that are always like puffy cheetos and not the crunchy cheetos. Lol. I always get people stopping me to ask what I use. Please don’t ever stop making this kids formula leave in!

  46. (verified owner) :

    I have been looking for tear free and those bad chemical free products for my two boys for a couple of years, until i found this brand (mixed chicks) from a mommy blog. i decided to try it and i have not regret it since. My mixed kids hair are now manageable and also not dry looking. Thank you for a great product on the kids line. i am forever a customer.

  47. (verified owner) :

    perfect cream. helps define my daughters’ ringlet curls and helps to prevent tangling.

  48. (verified owner) :

    This product works really well on my sons thick curly hair. The only leave in I use for his hair! I love how the curls stay in tack with no tangling!

  49. (verified owner) :

    This is the best product I have used. Never leaves a residue.

  50. (verified owner) :

    Been using this product for years! Keeps curls from looking frizzy. Also good for slicking the hair down. Has medium hold, but doesn’t leave hair crunchy.

  51. (verified owner) :

    I have been using this since my son was about a year old. After trying so many brands, I stumbled upon this brand, and I am so grateful that I did. My son has tight ringlets, and this product makes his hair look great. Love, love, love it.

  52. (verified owner) :

    I use this for my boys. They have beautiful right curls. My older son has smoother thinner hair and my younger son has thicker more course hair. It works perfectly for both and makes brushing much easier a

  53. (verified owner) :

    Great product..puts moisture back in hair..

  54. (verified owner) :

    Love this product..been using it for years

  55. (verified owner) :

    Love, Love, Love this product! I always bulk buy because I live overseas and extremely hard & expensive to get in Australia. A little bit goes a long way and great value for Litre as most other curly hair brands only do small sizes. Wish they offered free global delivery on product purchase over $150 from time to time.

  56. (verified owner) :

    I love this product! I actually use it myself, and it is great! Never oily, which is so hard to find.

  57. (verified owner) :

    I love this product. It is amazing for my little one.

  58. (verified owner) :

    We love this leave-in conditioner for our 18-month-old twin daughters! Their curls were super dry until we started using this product, which has helped them to look and feel consistently soft and well-moisturized. Just ordered the shampoo and conditioner to use with it! So thankful to have been referred to Mixed Chicks!

  59. (verified owner) :

    Mixed Chicks Kids products are by far the best curly-haired items in the market. My daughter has cork screw curls and with the conditioner and then leave-in conditioner plus their amazing paddle brush, her hair is super easy to style and she constantly gets compliments on her beautiful here. My husband has even fallen “in love” with the kids shampoo for himself.

  60. (verified owner) :

    My granddaughter is 9 years old and I have always used Mixed Chicks kids products on her hair even on non wash days. I have a spray bottle that I wet her hair with and work the leave in conditioner into her hair. Once combed and brushed out, it looks like it was freshly done and no nappy tangles. She loves when I use these products and so do I.

  61. (verified owner) :

    I started using this product for my 3 year old 3 months ago. Since than is her hair much more manageable and looks awesome!. Thank you Mixed Chicks!!!!

  62. (verified owner) :

    I love this product for my sons hair! It defines his curls and leaves his hair soft and moisturized all day. It doesn’t have a sticky finish or a bad smell. Not to mention it makes it easy to detangle his hair.

  63. (verified owner) :

    I’ve been using Mixed Chicks religiously for probably close to a decade now, and although I’m 40 yrs old, I actually prefer the kids conditioner & leave-in conditioners the best. These two products alone leave my hair tangle-free, soft, manageable, hydrated, and well-behaved! I don’t use anything else (other than occasional shampoo). This kids conditioner line is honestly one of the BEST things I’ve ever used for my hair.

  64. (verified owner) :

    I discovered Mixed Chicks back in 2005 when I was trying to find something for my daughters out of control hair. I saw an article in Parenting magazine for the leave in & that saved my hair struggle. Since then, I’ve had another daughter & both use the leave in religiously. Without it, their hair is a hot mess! I use this every single day in their hair before school by using a spray bottle with water & take about a half dollar size amount in their hair. Once a week I use shampoo & deep conditioner (all “MC” products) & when they get out I section it in four sections & put conditioner in each section. When I do this I use more than a half dollar throughout their hair…..probably twice that amount. I have used everything under the sun & nothing comes close to keeping their curls looking so good! The proof is in the pudding so be sure to check out the picture I’m enclosing. I took this picture after I used the leave in & it dried naturally. People stop me all the time asking what I use in their hair. The struggle out there is real & I love telling people what makes their hair look so good.

  65. (verified owner) :

    I use it for my daugther. She has very soft easy hair. It is a good product but it does not keep her frizz away all day.

  66. (verified owner) :

    I’ve used these products since my daughter was almost two and her hair became hard to manage. They didn’t have the kids line then, so I’m extremely thrilled they added one! I began buying the 8oz quad products when they started carrying them in our local beauty supply store. Her hair is so easy to manage now. She’ll be 5 next month and school mornings are so easy. I couldn’t imagine how they’d be if we didn’t have this product, omg!! Last month Mixed Chicks had a contest on their Facebook page and WE WON! I was expecting to get the 8oz kids products and was thrilled when we got the liter in the leave-in! That is our fav.product of the four. We towel dry after wash and condition, put leave-in and let air dry. She gets so many compliments. I freaking love having the liter and will buy this from now on! Can’t thank you enough for these awesome products!!

The simple directions: Work throughout wet hair, leave-in, air dry, & style.

A good routine for curly/wavy and general frizz control:
1. shampoo and rinse
2. condition, comb or brush, and rinse
3. apply leave-in conditioner to wet hair, scrunch
4. wring hair out with fingers
5. air dry (no towel or blow-dry needed)

Usually on day 2, simply re-wet and apply a bit more leave-in before styling with fingers. No need to shampoo every day.