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Mixed Chicks Conditioner for Kids (8oz)
Conditioner for Kids (8oz) $11.00
Mixed Chicks Kid's Tangle-Tamer (8oz)
Kid's Tangle-Tamer (8oz) $11.00
(58 customer reviews)


Kids Leave-in Conditioner will define kids’ curly hair. Designed for our little ones. This styler is colorless, fragrance-free, and paraben-free.

  • Reduces frizz
  • Helps to define curls
  • Gives a soft-styled hold

More about this product’s key ingredients: We purposely left out the color additives and did not ad fragrance. Many parents want fewer chemicals for products, so we tried to use a few as possible and keep the product performing its best. Safflower oil and Jojoba have been shown to help nourish, soften and shine.

Acondicionador sin enjuague para niños

Evita el encrespado y define los rizos

Tratamiento para cabello rizado

8 oz líquidas / 237 ml

Kids Leave-in Conditioner Mixed Chicks (revitalisant sans rinçage pour enfants)

Conçu pour les plus petits, ce produit coiffant est incolore, sans parfum et sans parabène, ni produits chimiques irritants.

Donne un style au maintien souple
Bloque les frisottis
Définit les boucles

Astuce coiffure :Le deuxième jour, il suffit généralement d’humidifier et d’appliquer un peu de soin sans rinçage avant de coiffer avec les doigts. Il n’est pas nécessaire d’utiliser le shampoing tous les jours.

Conseils d’utilisation :Appliquer sur les cheveux humides, ne pas rincer et laisser sécher à l’air libre.

Speziell für die Kleinen. Dieses Stylingprodukt ist farblos, frei von Parfüm und Parabenen und enthält keine aggressiven Chemikalien.

Bietet dezenten Halt
Stoppt Frizz
Definiert Locken

Am Tag nach der Haarwäsche reicht es in der Regel, das Haar einfach anzufeuchten, etwas mehr Leave-in Conditioner aufzutragen und das Haar mit den Fingern zu stylen. Es muss also nicht jeden Tag Shampoo sein.

In nasses Haar einmassieren, nicht ausspülen, an der Luft trocknen lassen und dann stylen.

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58 reviews for Leave-In Conditioner For Kids (8oz)

  1. (verified owner) :

    I have reviewed this product in the past and it didn’t work on my little one’s hair so I stopped using it. However, I recently decided to try it again and give it another chance because it keeps coming up as a great product for curly hair kids. I’ve tried a lot of the products marketed for curly hair. I don’t know if I was just being impatient the first time around or what. For the past month or so, I have used the quad pack: Shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. It has worked wonders. My 3-year old’s hair is moisturized and it has helped a lot with tangles. It also doesn’t leave her hair feeling weighted down or slimy. It just enhanced her natural curl pattern. If you’re like me and you did not get the results you were looking for the first time around, I would say use the product again and see what happens! The best choice that I’ve ever made.

  2. (verified owner) :

    Lightweight product. I would use for babies or kids that don’t have thick hair. I definitely needed the original leave in for my kiddos, which is a little thicker. I just wanted to try this and see how it worked.

  3. (verified owner) :

    I order today and can not wait to try this on my grandsons hair. My cousin uses it and loves it.

  4. (verified owner) :

    We have been using mixed chicks for 8 months and love it

  5. (verified owner) :

    I bought the quad pack and just had to replenish the leave in conditioner before the rest. This product is amazing. My daughter’s hair is manageable and she will go grab the bottles when it is time to do her hair. She is almost 2. She knows what is good for her hair. Haha. We wash once a week and put the detangle spray and leave in conditioner almost everyday

  6. (verified owner) :

    Perfect for something light after shower

  7. (verified owner) :

    Love this in my 4 year old son’s hair. It defines the curls beautifully with no frizz!

  8. (verified owner) :

    Best leave in I’ve found for my boy’s curls!

  9. (verified owner) :

    Love this, my girl’s hair is still short so a dab does me fine to cover her whole head and the next morning her curls are perfect.

  10. (verified owner) :

    I love this product for when I am combing my daughters hair! It seems to help a lot!

  11. (verified owner) :

    I’ve only used it once but I feel like it’s nice, lightweight, but still moisturizing.

  12. (verified owner) :

    LOVE THIS!! I have 3 mixed kids (Italian/Black), and my two girls have completely different hair-types- this works amazing on both their hair, as well as on my son’s short curls. I’ve tried other products for ethnic and curly hair and this by far is my fave

  13. (verified owner) :

    Life long costumer here, best product I’ve used for my whole family.
    I have curly hair myself ( non ethnic) and two biracial girls with the help of only needed one product for all 3 of us has been amazing hair days for us all.
    Smells great
    Non greasy
    Hold a tight curl

  14. (verified owner) :

    Best thing ever for curly hair! No strong smell to it, works wonders to keep curls gorgeous, and easy to use with the pump. We have thick, curly hair in our family and so thrilled and relieved to have discovered Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner. People are always asking what we use for our curls, and I’m happy to spread the word on this product. I hope they never change this formula!

  15. (verified owner) :

    My toddler has hair just like her mama & Mixed Chicks came through just like they did for her mama. This leave-in conditioner leaves her hair soft and her curls have excellent definition and look great even after a day in the life of an active toddler. This product is light and smells great too!

  16. (verified owner) :

    My daughter is 15 months old,she is biracial.I usually use this product after a bath.It works well with frizz for half the day,but it shrinks her curls alot.I have switched products,haven’t even used half the bottle,to me it’s too much,for the results you get.

  17. (verified owner) :

  18. (verified owner) :

    I bought this leave in conditioner for my 11 month old daughter. She’s Filipino/Black and her hair curls are just starting to set in. I’ve been searching for a good product to keep her hair moisturized and to keep down the frizz. The leave in conditioner is great, and tighten and defines her curls. She’s been rolling around for the past hour and her hair still looks great. Thank you!

Work throughout wet hair, leave-in, air dry, & style

Frizz control and definition:
1. apply leave-in conditioner to wet hair, scrunch
2. wring hair out with fingers
3. air dry, or if you are in a hurry, sit under a hooded dryer or use a diffuser (no towel or blow-dry needed)

Usually on day 2, simply re-wet and apply more leave-in before styling with fingers. No need to shampoo every day.