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Mixed Chicks HIS MIX Firm Hold Gel
HIS MIX Firm Hold Gel $9.99

HIS MIX leave-in conditioner for men

Rated 4.50 out of 5 based on 8 customer ratings
(8 customer reviews)


A curl-defining formula that will tame frizz and unruly curls.

Works on many hair textures and perms
Gives a soft-styled hold
Fights frizz

FRIZZ SECRET: often men with straight or wavy hair have frizz. HIS MIX leave-in was designed for guys with curly hair, but we have a ton of men with straight hair saying good things about HIS MIX products.

Evita el encrespado y define los rizos


Jojoba oil, hydrolyzed protein & collagen

whether Tje Austin wears his #naturallycurly hair picked out in a ‘fro or defined in a regular wash & go, he likes to keep his routine simple.

We understand, sometimes guys want more. So, if you like a wet look or want a harder hold, follow our leave-in conditioner with His Mix Firm Hold gel.

For defined curls and frizz reduction: apply to wet hair and air dry
(no towel or blow).

For added volume/thickness with low shine: apply to damp or dry hair and style.

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8 Reviews on HIS MIX leave-in conditioner for men

Andy said : Guest Report Subscribe 3 years ago

I tried this on a recommendation (actually, she sent me a bottle for my birthday) from my sister. I figured sure, I'd try it, and if it worked, great. My hair is exceedingly curly: stretched-out wet, it's nearly down to my waist. Air dried and not restrained, it's about shoulder length, maybe a bit more. I usually braid it to keep it out of my way, but a lot gets loose. I stopped using shampoo years ago, which helped, but I'd never found a product that would actually reduce the frizz. This does it. I generally braid my hair wet, then rub this conditioner in working over the outside of the braid and top of my head: occasionally, I comb it in before braiding. Both ways it leaves my hair feeling smoother, less likely to tangle, and less frizzy. It's quick, it's easy, it doesn't have much of a scent, and it works. What more can you ask for?

  • Very Curly Hair
  • Easy To Use
  • Minimalist
  • Boston, MA
  • Quick, easy, and effective
Jc said : Guest Report Subscribe 4 years ago

I am white and black but my hair is more wavy than curly and it's very difficult get defined curls. His Mix is the only product that works for me.

  • Wavy Hair
  • Easy To Use
  • Beauty Conscious
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Love it
ego said : Guest Report Subscribe 4 years ago

Seems to work, my hair looks better and is less frizzy. Just one question, my hair is between wavy and curly (I'm not mixed, I'm white). When it dries it "sits" so I need to use gel to give it volume. When do I apply the gel? Along with the conditioner, right after, or once the hair is dry? Thanks!

  • Wavy Hair
  • Easy To Use
  • Beauty Conscious
  • London, UK
  • good
Working Dude said : Guest Report Subscribe 5 years ago

I use it without gel when I want to have a soft hold, but if I want the spiky wet look, I ad gel with the His Mix Leave in. Are you going to have HIS Mix gel?

  • Straight Hair
  • Easy To Use
  • Beauty Conscious
  • Arirzona
  • I can use it with or in place of gel
Tae said : Guest Report Subscribe 5 years ago

This is the best Conditioner i have ever used. For years i have tried to find the perfect product for my curly hair. Best Mixed Chicks has to be the best in my opnion. The conditioner adds moisture to the hair and my curls don't frizz it stays the whole day. I no longer need Holding Spray nor, Jel becuase this product is all you need.

  • Very Curly Hair
  • Easy To Use
  • Raleigh,NC
  • Best Conditioner ever
Jrone said : Guest Report Subscribe 5 years ago

This stuff is GREAT !!!!!!

  • Wavy Hair
  • Easy To Use
  • Minimalist
  • Lexington, KY
  • 4 words
Kpomasi said : Guest Report Subscribe 6 years ago

My hair is about shoulder length and very curl/wavy. This product really works to control the frizz and makes the curls and waves look nice. The lassies really love my hair with this product.

  • Very Curly Hair
  • Easy To Use
  • Minimalist
  • Blackpool, UK
  • Really great stuff
White man with a fro said : Guest Report Subscribe 7 years ago

I've been plastering my hair down with gel for years. When I was in college, one of my friends who happens to be black even took me to a black salon and got me an s-curl relaxer. I hated my frizzy fro, but HIS MIX leave-in keeps the curls nice and even and it is not hard like gel. Just put it in wet and go.

  • Very Curly Hair
  • Easy To Use
  • Minimalist
  • Davis CA
  • No gel anymore?