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Mixed Chicks Travel & Trial Pack (front)
Travel & Trial Pack (3 x 2oz) $9.99
Mixed Chicks Kid Trial and Travel Sample Pack
Kid Trial and Travel Sample Pack (3 x .75 oz) $0.99
(41 customer reviews)


Want to give MIXED CHICKS a try?

1/0.75 oz shampoo
1/0.75 oz deep conditioner
1/0.75 oz leave-in

Limited to 3 packs per order.

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41 reviews for Trial & Travel TRIO (3 x .75 oz)

  1. (verified owner) :

    I used them for traveling. Perfect and don’t take up to much space in my bag

  2. (verified owner) :

    I used them for traveling. Perfect and don’t take up to much space

  3. (verified owner) :

    I really love this product I love how it makes me hair soft and manageable I will be buying this again in the larger size I’m completely satisfied

  4. (verified owner) :

    These are perfect sizes to try the products, and have them on the go!

  5. (verified owner) :

    Had purchase sample products shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner several months back and decide to try today! Impressed!!! Once I placed the leave in conditioner I let my hair air dry it turned out Gorgeous will give it another try and keep u posted!!!!

  6. (verified owner) :

    I bought this for my sister and she fell in love. She now only uses Mixed Chicks on her curly grey hair and it has never looked better. I highly suggest buying this for people to try.

  7. (verified owner) :

    This is the perfect set for the beach! I love having the deep conditioner in the mini set for travel cause it means after beach, sun, pool, whatever your curls can still look perfect!

  8. (verified owner) :

    Have loved them all for a while now. Travel size is a must for short trips…

  9. (verified owner) :

    Can’t wait for daughter to try this..we have been looking for something that would work..she has mixed hair n it’s hard to fine products for her hair!!

  10. (verified owner) :

    Excited to try!

  11. (verified owner) :

    Excited to try. I see this product gets great reviews and the website was nice and easy to use. So glad there’s a company that has smaller samples. I’ve purchased countless curl products and spent so much money – excited to try all of my samples and buy more!

  12. (verified owner) :

    I’ve searched for so many years to find products that understand my hair and this is it! The trial pack has plenty of each product for my long, thick hair.. Hair is so soft and clean and my curls are bouncy and not frizzy. At 61, I’m so excited to finally have products that do what they claim! Thank you

  13. (verified owner) :

    Love this for the price! I love the smell of the shampoo and it cleanses very well. Also, my low porosity hair (2c/3a) DRINKS the deep conditioner. I can always tell a difference in my hair when I use it vs a different conditioner. I’m so looking forward to buying a full size of the shampoo and deep conditioner.

  14. (verified owner) :

    LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!! Thanks to MIXED CHICKS for thinking like real people. Wonderful travel packs and reasonably priced!!

  15. (verified owner) :

    I use all three of these products- leaves my hair frizz free and manageable! Perfect size to take when you are on the go-

  16. (verified owner) :

    Love this travel pack for trips!! Makes packing so much easier!!

  17. (verified owner) :

    I find it funny how when people with curly hair start treating their hair properly and expect 20 years of sulfate-packed shampoo and using a hairbrush to magically repair overnight. It can take up to a year or longer, depending on length and growth rate. Water mineral content also plays a huge part. Growing up in the deep south does NOT help… I’ve had great frizz control and shine without greasiness with the deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner.

  18. (verified owner) :

  19. (verified owner) :

  20. (verified owner) :

    I Love the leave in conditioner!

  21. (verified owner) :

    I cant believe how awesome these products are. I have very wavy/curly hair, and have never before liked seeing my hair curly. I religiously straighten because my hair in its natural state is so unruly. I was looking for some good, low maintenance options for my upcoming tropical beach honeymoon. I wanted to wash & wear and not look ridiculous. I have finally found something that works for me. I was expecting to need to use a lot of it, and only be able to get one use out of each trial pack, but I could easily use it 3 or more times. That was a nice surprise. The leave-in has a little bit of crunch to it, but its not a big deal and dries pretty soft for the most part. My curls are defined, not frizzy, shiny but not greasy, and oh-so-gorgeous. I was proud enough to show my curls in public for the first time in years. Ive already recommended this to my family and friends! Love love love love love!

  22. (verified owner) :

    My adult daughter told me about the product so I could try it on myself and her younger sister who just had her hair cut. We are so pleased with how this product works. You can feel the deep conditioner work immediately after you brush it through! It truly amazed me the first time I used it. The shampoo cleans so well without drying our curly hair and the leave-in conditioner is a must for us now. We also use the leave-in conditioner mixed with water on days we do not shampoo and the results are easy to manage, frizz-free, soft curly hair. Finally in my 50+ years I have found a product that does exactly what they say it will do! I am a Mixed Chicks customer for life!

  23. (verified owner) :

    I may recommend this to a friend but it’s not for me. I am glad your company offers trial sizes so people can see if the product will work for them. The conditioner felt really great while it was in, helped me comb through my hair much easier. After I washed it out, my hair did not feel moisturized. I didn’t see much difference in the appearance of my hair after this product than when I use other natural hair products. Maybe I have too much hair, or my hair is too thick for this type of product. I am african-american and I have an afro of very thick, tightly coiled 4B hair.

  24. (verified owner) :

    i am a true mixed chick with African American, Asian-Indian, Scottish, and French Creole ethnicity. I have long 3b/c hair. These products are AMAZING! I’ve tried tons of products for my hair and my kids who all have coarser hair ranging from 4a/b and nothing comes close to Mixed Chicks. I bought the sample packs which was a great option because we so often spend so much on products that aren’t what we’d hoped. The very first use, I washed my hair before bed and did the leave in and slept with my hair down. I woke and was astonished at how soft, full and gorgeous my curls were. Normally I would awake to a head full of frizz and tangles unless I braided my hair for the night. Then I was even more surprised that I could actually brush my hair without it snagging or having to wet it first. I did end up wetting it to apply more of the leave in to touch it up. After putting in the leave in, yes, style meaning separate your curls for more definition and fullness. Normally, I would braid my hair at night, wet it a little and use mousse in the morning on it. Most other products dried my hair or made it too greasy and weighed it down or crunchy. I use it on my kids’ hair and love, love, love the results. Thank you Mixed Chicks!

  25. (verified owner) :

  26. (verified owner) :

    I’ve had my hair natural for over 20 years; locs for 15 and now short natural curl, but I hadn’t found a product that REALLY set my natural curl after shampoo and conditioner. My hair is soft and thin, but if I go too long without shampoo, I get crazy dandruff build-up…it looks like snow when I scratch it up. But I’ve used the sample trio twice…no build-up between shampoos, my curls actually look like curls and I want to invest in the larger sizes. I’d like to know how to use the leave-in conditioner on a daily bases…I think one of the owners said something in a video about mixing with water in a spray bottle??? I would appreciate any specific instructions to help me rejuvenite my curls everyday.

  27. (verified owner) :

    shampooed twice, combed thru the deep conditioner. rinse. minimal towel dry. add the leave-in conditioner and combed thru. let air dry. it had enough strength to hold my curls with out frizzing. after dried, nice to touch with minimal “crunch” beautiful sheen & non greasy

  28. (verified owner) :

    This product does what it says. It leaves my hair soft, shiny and manageable with defined curls. I am hooked!!!!!!

  29. (verified owner) :

    I am serious about the Hair Care Products I use. If they don’t measure up I spread the word. I heard about this product by “word-of-mouth” and it is excellent. Even in the summer, it keep your curls bouncy but not greasy.

  30. (verified owner) :

    I absolutely LOVED what the products did for my hair after only one use. I’ve gotten so many compliments already and I’ve been telling all my friends about it. They all know how I’ve struggled with my too soft, too frizzy, hard-to-style hair all these years. The only things I had issues over was that the travel containers were difficult to open in the shower AND I was disappointed that it didn’t smell as sweet as some people had commented it did. No big deal. I’m hooked now and can’t wait to try the Hair Silk. Thank you, thank you for developing these awesome products!!!

  31. (verified owner) :

    I am a 40 year old African-American woman and I received sample sizes of Mixed Chicks Shampoo & Conditioner at a Beauty Supply in LA, CA and I’ve been RRRRAVING about you to everyone I know ever since. These sample sizes gave me the perfect MANAGEABILITY for my little tight curls; it detangles, smooths, cleanses well for such a lightweight product and it smells like Candy (which my husband loves). I’ve wet my hair daily for years, and used hair gels which only dry out and ultimately frizz with flakes. Honestly, I have never LOVED my hair until I found Mixed Chicks. With Mixed Chicks I’m able to wash, and/or condition, run my fingers through my hair and just go. I comb through my hair while the conditioner is on in the shower (from the ends to the scalp) and my styling time has been cut in half. My prayers have been answered. I would have never been able to go NATURAL without you. You helped me be proud to be ME! You helped lift my self esteem. Thanks Mixed Chicks!

  32. (verified owner) :

    Okay, first of all, the only reason I didn’t give this product the full 5 stars is because my hair still is poofy and not all of the curls are defined. Now, I have a LOT of hair. I showed my mom the picture of Wendi and Kim and said, “Do they have as much hair as I do?” She said, “They’d give you a run for your money.” Lol, so anyway, I probably have about the same amount of hair as the Mixed Chicks. But my curls are really lose. They don’t tighten that much, they just get frizzy and undefined. I think this product would work better on people with tighter curls or less hair. This product helped my curls stay put, but again, my hair is still pretty poofy. I used quite a bit of product too. Yesterday, I put olive oil in my hair, washed my hair, used 3 different typed of conditioner, and put on a bunch of product. Today, I shampooed, conditioned, and leave-in conditioned with the 3 Mixed Chicks products and my hair looks twice as good-not as poofy, more moisturized, and not tangly! But yeah, I would certainly recommend this product. It’s extremely easy to use and makes your hair easy to comb. It took less that 10 minutes to comb my hair while it usually takes 30. Most important thing though, comb your hair while the deep conditioner is still in! After getting out of the shower, don’t touch your hair with that comb.

  33. (verified owner) :

    I am an African American woman who fully transitioned to natural hair in March of this year.I live in Alabama and the humidity is a hair enemy. I was looking for an affordable product that had good curl definition and hold. Mixed Chicks Leave-in is Fabulous. My friends and strangers comment on the shine and feel of my hair and my hair is no longer frizzy because of your products. Mixed Chicks doesn’t make my hair stiff and it smells great. I love it and tell everyone who ask!

  34. (verified owner) :

    I’m a white chick that has always struggled with my coarse, curly, frizzy hair with a mind of it’s own. I’ve been using the Mixed Chicks products for a couple weeks now and am now in love with my hair. My frizz is under control, my curls are bouncing, and my hair feels soft, silky, and hydrated. Thank you!

  35. (verified owner) :

    Great for both my afro hair and my daughter’s mixed hair. The picture for the trial size trio is misleading because the items arrived in non-reusable plastic sealed sachets whilst I thought they looked like small travel size resealable pots. So if you plan to take it traveling and only use tiny amounts then once opened you’d have to bin any unused item or risk spillage in your washbag.

  36. (verified owner) :

    I am black and hispanic with hair that is a genuine mixture of both. I often do the wash and go in the summer months but have to use multiple products to keep it controlled, to include, mouse, gel, leave in conditioner, etc etc. I used the sample pack the other day and after the leave in conditioner I used a little hair silk just for shine and that was all I needed. My curls were more defined than ever and didn’t look dry and smelled great. I love this stuff and thank you Mixed Chicks for such a great product!!!!

  37. (verified owner) :

    My mixed daughter has the curliest, coursest hair. I have tried just about every product known to man, but nothing helps with the knots (I can’t even finish combing one strand before it knots back up). And as she gets older her hair was showing less and less defined curl and more and more poof. So when I found this product I bought the sample pack and loved it! I ordered a full set and was thinking that there was no way that with all my daughter’s hair those little bottles were going to last. Well three months later and we still have product left. I am constantly asked what I do for my daughters hair by other mom’s with curly mixed kids. I have given a few good friends the sample packs (because anyone who has tried everything out there doesn’t want to spend money on another gamble.) But for less than a dollar I will always add three onto every order so I can be that hero and let my friends see themselves what a great product it is. And any leftovers I keep for myself for trips, vacations, Airline travel, ect. Or just as a back up in case I forget to order more before I am out. And the best part is that the longer you use this the softer and more manageable the hair becomes.

  38. (verified owner) :

    Before a friend recommended this I was lost in the world of products and my hair! Since I decided to go natural I had no idea what to with it. Now I would be lost without it. It has truly transformed my hair!

  39. (verified owner) :

    I have been using this product exclusively together with the Deep Conditioner and Leave-in Conditioner for a year-and-a-half now. I can honestly say, after 54 years of dealing with very thick, very curly, uncontrollably frizzy hair, these products have made all the difference in the world. I like to wash and go with minimal styling and this product has allowed me to do exactly that. These travel packs are perfect for handing out to friends and hair salons!

  40. (verified owner) :

    love mix chick. im native american and african amercian. i am in love with the conditioner. happy

  41. (verified owner) :


1. shampoo and rinse
2. condition with deep, comb or brush, and rinse
3. apply leave-in to wet hair, scrunch
4. wring hair out with fingers
5. air dry, (no towel of blow-dry needed), however if you are in a hurry, sit under a hooded dryer or use a diffuser