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SULFATE FREE shampoo (10oz / 300 ml) $10.00
SULFATE FREE shampoo (33oz / 1 LITER) $30.00
(65 customer reviews)


Same product, but more of it, and the dispense pump makes it easy to get at our clarifying shampoo.

Removes build-up
Works on a variety of hair textures

Champú purificante elimina residuos y impurezas.

El champú MIXED CHICKS deja reluciente el cabello liso, ondulado y rizado.

Rica espuma
Elimina la suciedad
Funciona en una variedad de texturas de cabello

MIXED CHICKS Shampoo wäscht glattes, gewelltes und lockiges Haar blitzblank sauber.

Reichhaltiger Schaum
Entfernt Rückstände
Wirksam für vielfältige Haarstrukturen

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65 reviews for Gentle Clarifying SHAMPOO (33oz / 1 LITER)

  1. (verified owner) :

    This shampoo has been my saving grace. My curly hair can be unruly and hard to manage. This is the only shampoo that makes it soft and messy to control!

  2. (verified owner) :

    We use this with the deep and leave in conditioners to control my daughter’s intense curls. Nothing compares to this shampoo/conditioning trio!

  3. (verified owner) :

    My daughter is 22 years old. I found Mixed Chicks by accident when she was much younger. This stuff is amazing! Makes great gifts now.

  4. (verified owner) :

    So great for mixed curly hair!

  5. (verified owner) :

    This product is so perfect for my daughter!! Her hair is thick and kinky-curly and this shampoo keeps it soft and manageable.

  6. (verified owner) :

    I love this shampoo. My two girls are half Puerto Rican and have Black and this shampoo brings out there beautiful curls. I will continue to buy this shampoo:)

  7. (verified owner) :

    I am a mom to a 8year old girl that has TONS of VERY CURLY hair. I have tried everything and combined every product I could find to try to manage her curls. I was told about Mixed Chicks about 2 years ago by a hairstylist friend that had a client who used it on her own children. I used it one time on my little girl’s hair and was HOOKED!!! I also have a 12 year old son who has curly hair. When he has his hair grown out he uses Mixed Chicks and loves it. I LOVE MIXED CHICKS!!! It is the ONLY product I can use daily on her hair, doesn’t build up in her hair, is heavy enough to actually tame her curls but doesn’t leave a residue and make it greasy. The shampoo lathers well and is the only shampoo that I don’t have to use half the bottle to wash all the layers of her hair. Another benefit… it smells GREAT!!! I additionally ordered the sample sizes to give out to people who ask me about what I use in my daughter’s hair (this happens quite often). I recommend this to any and everyone who approaches me. Friends say I should be a spokesperson for the brand as I am a walking advertisement when I am with my baby girl. THANK YOU Kim and Wendi!!! Your products have made my and especially my daughter’s life easier. She can enjoy her curls rather than dread having her hair done. My family LOVES you!!!

  8. (verified owner) :

    I am 100% caucasian and have sort of a weird curly type hair. Not super tight, but way more than just waves. As I have gotten older my hair has become more curly. At 39years old I was still struggling to find the right item for me. This is it. I do use the shampoo daily. Since I work in a saltwater pool facility I have frizz, but I use the conditioner on days that I don’t work I use the leave-in conditioner daily. I have the large bottles. The shampoo lasts about 5 months, the conditioner 6 months and the leave in lasts almost a year. Great value for the results. Plus I don’t have to keep running to the salon every couple of weeks to buy product.

  9. (verified owner) :

    I am mixed and black and native oregonian and have thick dry hair and this worked so well. 100% of the time

  10. (verified owner) :

    Use it every 3 days to cleanse. Cleans my hair fast and effectively. Love that a little goes a long way!

  11. (verified owner) :

    I have a tight curl pattern!Ive noticed when the leave in is applied,and i rewet it makes my curls very defined and beautiful!!!It has to be really wet!

  12. (verified owner) :

    I love mixed chicks!!!Thank you ladies so much finally something that tames my frizz!

  13. (verified owner) :


  14. (verified owner) :

    I’ve been using cheap products for curly hair and when the most recent product I was using got discontinued, I was on a mission to find something new. I’d heard about Mixed Chicks & I’m so glad I tried it! The shampoo actually cleans your hair. Others I’ve used would leave build-up. I don’t think I’ll ever use another. I’m recommending this to everyone I know!

  15. (verified owner) :

    These products are godsent! They detangle and curl hair so that it looks the best.

  16. (verified owner) :

    I love this product i am soooo happy i found Mixed Chicks my kids use it and so do I It took my hair from dry and brittle back to the soft curly texture I had as a child.

  17. (verified owner) :

    This Is The 1st Shampoo That Has Cleansed My Scalp, Provided Moisture and Didn’t Give Me Dandruff In The Process. I Have Wavy/Curly Mixed Hair, And With Other Shampoos I Would Have 2 Wash My Hair Every Other Day. That Is Not The Case With This Product… I Can Wash It Once A Week Easily And Still Maintain A Clean Healthy Scalp. Also I Have Noticed A Dramatic Decrease In Breakage =)

  18. (verified owner) :

    When I have product build up, I need a shampoo that will really cleanse. This stuff was perfect.

  19. (verified owner) :

    This shampoo is wonderful for my straight hair and my biracial daughters’ curly hair. I love all of these products!!

  20. (verified owner) :

    Using daily in a very dry environment, Las Vegas area. My hair looks and feels much better if I use this product.

Borage seed, avocado oil, & panthenol for healing and luster.

Work through wet hair, massage into lather, rinse…repeat if necessary.

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Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 4.2 × 4.2 × 9.2 in




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