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Mixed Chicks Gloss and Shining HAIR SILK
Gloss and Shining HAIR SILK (Shine, smooth & finish) $12.00
Mixed Chicks Quad Pack (4-piece - A Curly Revolution Kit)
Mixed Chicks Quad Pack (4-piece frizz control - a Curly Revolution Kit) $49.99
(32 customer reviews)


MIXED CHICKS 4 oz Thermal protectant for heat styling.

  • Reduces frizz and creates sleek styling with a flat iron
  • Humidity resistant formula
  • Shortens drying time

Can I use this on FRIZZY STRAIGHT HAIR? MIXED CHICKS was designed for curly hair, but we have straight-hair-customers who use this product regularly.

Protector térmico para estilizar con calor.

Suero alisador Mixed Chicks

Protector térmico para peinado con calor de 4 onzas MIXED CHICKS para peinado con calor.

Elimina el encrespado y crea un peinado elegante con plancha alisadora
Fórmula resistente a la humedad
Reduce a la mitad el tiempo de secado

¿Puedo usar esto en CABELLO LISO CON ENCRESPADO? MIXED CHICKS se diseñó para cabello rizado, pero tenemos clientes con cabello liso que utilizan este producto regularmente.

Instrucciones: Aplique uniformemente el suero alisador sobre el cabello húmedo.  Seque o arregle el cabello. Finalice con una plancha alisadora o un rizador.

Cómo peinar:  Para una protección contra el calor, aplique el acondicionador de acción profunda Mixed Chicks con suero alisador en el cabello mojado. Para peinados con el cabello húmedo y secados con secador.

Protecteur thermique MIXED CHICKS 4 oz pour le coiffage à chaud.

Élimine les frisottis et facilite le lissage avec le fer à lisser
Formule résistante à l’humidité
Temps de séchage réduit de moitié

Puis-je l’utiliser sur des cheveux raides rebelles ? MIXED CHICKS a été pensé pour les cheveux bouclés, mais ce produit peut également être utilisé régulièrement sur les cheveux raides.

Conseils d’utilisation : Appliquer le sérum lissant de manière uniforme sur les cheveux humides.

Séchez au sèche-cheveux ou à l’air libre… finissez la coiffure avec le fer à lisser/fer à friser.

Astuces coiffure : Pour la protection thermique, appliquez le revitalisant Mixed Chicks, puis le sérum lissant sur cheveux mouillés… pour séchage au sèche-cheveux ou à l’air libre.

MIXED CHICKS 4 oz Hitzeschutz für das Styling.

Beseitigt Frizz für ultraglattes Haar
Feuchtigkeitsbeständige Formel
Verkürzt die Trocknungszeit um die Hälfte

Kann ich dieses Produkt bei GLATTEM HAAR MIT FRIZZ verwenden? MIXED CHICKS wurde für lockiges Haar entwickelt, aber wir haben Kunden mit glattem Haar, die dieses Produkt sehr gerne verwenden.

Verteilen Sie das Straightening Serum gleichmäßig im feuchten Haar.
Föhnen oder legen Sie das Haar… stylen Sie es abschließend mit dem Glätteisen oder Lockenstab.

Für optimalen Hitzeschutz verwenden Sie Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner gefolgt von Straightening Serum im nassen Haar … für Nass- und Föhnfrisuren.

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32 reviews for Straightening Serum (Straight)

  1. (verified owner) :

    Looking forward to this as my hairdresser has asked me to take it in so she can try it on my hair. She’s impressed with the curls I have with MC products but I love me some straight hair once in a while.

  2. (verified owner) :

    Good protectant and even use a refresh sometimes.

  3. (verified owner) :

    I have straight hair but was having an issue with frizzing. I’ve used several different “defrizzing” products that didn’t even last a whole day. Soo frustrating! When I tried this product, I honestly wasn’t expecting different results but was I wrong! The first time I tried this, not only did it make my hair look and feel silky smooth and shiny but it lasted for three days! AMAZING!

  4. (verified owner) :

    I love this product. It leaves my hair so silky smooth.

  5. (verified owner) :

    I have used Mixed Chicks products for at least 17 years exclusively! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I am looking forward to trying this product!

  6. (verified owner) :

    I use most of the mixed chicks products which I adore. However, this one didn’t work that well for me. I’ve tried using it a few times and leaves my hair feeling so dry and stiff after flat ironing. Not sure what I’m doing wrong but I just have better luck with other products

  7. (verified owner) :

    helps a lot in summer time in Vegas heat

  8. (verified owner) :

    Heat protection without weighing my hair down or making my hair greasy after applying. Great product.

  9. (verified owner) :

    I have wanted to keep a trusted product to help protect my hair from heat damage, and this serum seems to work well

  10. (verified owner) :

    I use this serum in good faith that it’s helping to protect my hair from heat damage, on the very few times when I do use heat on my hair

  11. (verified owner) :

    In good faith, from reading the other reviews, and, having been so pleased with the other Mixed Chicks hair care that I use -I trust that this serum will serve its purpose well for the only very few, and especially rare, special occasions when I hope to straighten my hair with the Mixed Chicks flat iron; and, therefore, have given this hopeful, high rating -and will be pleased for it to be proven true, with expectancy, when they do arrive

  12. (verified owner) :

    This serum is amazing. It is a must have product for keeping my hair frizz free. Straightening results are so much better with this product.

Apply straightening serum evenly through damp hair then blow-dry or set hair…finish with flat iron/curling iron for styling.

A good straight hair routine:

1. shampoo and rinse
2. condition, comb or brush, and rinse
3. apply Mixed Chicks straightening serum to damp hair
4. blow-dry
5. use a flat iron or another styling accessory
6. finish with hair silk for added shine

For thermal protection, follow Mixed Chicks deep conditioner with straightening serum applied to wet hair… for wet sets and blow drying.