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Mixed Chicks no frizz TRIO
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Mixed Chicks Morning After Redefining Foam (8oz / 236ml)
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LEAVE-IN conditioner (10oz / 300ml)

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10oz of the curl-defining formula designed for us, and when we say, “us”, we mean many…even if you are not mixed, you may have frizz and unruly curls, right?

Tames frizz & defines curls
Works on many hair textures & weaves (synthetic or human).

USE THIS TO: TAME FRIZZ and DEFINE CURLS on many hair textures & weaves (synthetic or human).

Tratamiento para cabello rizado

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Mixed Chicks
Co-Founder Wendi Levy-Kaaya’s simple hair routine to define curls and block frizz.

Mixed Chicks
Co-Founder Kim Etheredge’s hair routine to define thicker curls and eliminate frizz.


SALON PROFESSIONAL SECRET: while it is best to air dry with this product, some people like a diffused blow dryer on low heat for added volume.

Some like to do a two-strand twist without leave in, on wet hair, then air dry for a great look!

Work throughout wet hair, leave in, air dry, & style.

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194 Reviews on LEAVE-IN conditioner (10oz / 300ml)

I'm A Believer! said : Guest Report Subscribe one year ago

At first I was very skeptical of this product because I have dense 3C/4A hair and to think that I only need to use a leave in as my styler? No moisturizer, no oil, no gel?! What type of universe was this?! I was like nah this aint gon work lol I was shocked that it provided hold, great definition of my coily q's and softness. I'm all for a nice, soft, yet defined wash n go that will take me throughout the week and of course embrace the frizz as it comes. I enjoyed the feeling of just using one product for my wash 'n go instead of many. It really does the job for me! Thanks Mixed Chicks!

  • Very Curly Hair
  • Lightweight , Easy To Use , Non-Greasy , Non-Greasy
  • Product Junkie
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • At first I was afraid...I was petrified :)
Bdavisreyes said : Guest Report Subscribe 2 years ago

I am black and Mexican with curly hair (probably between a 3B and 3C). My hair type is fine. I was disappointed in this product. It was very greasy and heavy. I only applied a small amount, but it weighed my hair down (not a good look). Also, it made my face break out from the grease that came from my hair. It was also very sticky (although it's advertised otherwise). For me, I would prefer a lighter product. It's quite pricey, and I ended up throwing it away. So, I wouldn't recommend this product nor do I have plans to buy more. The thing about being mixed is, we all have different hair types, and therefore a "one size fits all" product is not likely to work for everyone. Good luck to everyone looking for an everyday product, but this one was not it for me.

  • Very Curly Hair
  • Greasy , Sticky
  • Minimalist
  • Texas
  • Not for all mixed chicks as advertised...should have known b
K_RIO_K said : Guest Report Subscribe 2 years ago

I'm 1/2 Brazilian 1/2 Lebanese with curly hair. I tried different products, high end products and they just didn't work well... Actually, my hair products come from Brazil. I read about this product on Instagram and decided to give it a chance. WOOW.. Could not be happier! Just a little bit and my hair looks fabulous!! It is very soft, defined curls... Absolutely loved it!! I recommend it 110%!!

  • Very Curly Hair
  • Controls Frizz , Smells Great , Lightweight , Easy To Use
  • Greasy
  • Beauty Conscious
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Finally a product that works for my hair
tinabina said : Guest Report Subscribe 2 years ago

I have half-cuban, half-italian hair and i love my hair but its also a curly, frizzy, unpredictable mess. This stuff is like magic. I was so skeptical of a leave in conditioner but i've been using it for like two weeks now and it literally has my hair coming out beautiful every single time. My curls are pretty and well formed and lighted and not weighed down at all!! I use a tiny tiny bit of (natural) hair spray, less than i've ever been compelled to use before, and its just...amazing! Uhg where has this stuff been all my life??? That's how amazed i am with this stuff...So happy!

  • Very Curly Hair
  • Controls Frizz , Lightweight , Easy To Use , Non-Greasy , Non-Greasy
  • Minimalist
  • philadelphia, pa
  • most amazing stuff EVER
ivorydanay said : Guest Report Subscribe 2 years ago

I started using Mixed Chicks 4 years ago. I tried a lot of products before and after purchasing the leave-in, but nothing compared to it. I mean, I was a product junkie. I have 3C medium/fine hair texture and it's color treated. I spent a lot of money on my journey to healthy hair and embracing my curls. Ever since I returned to Mixed Chicks consistently, my hair is happy, more defined, soft and it looks great with minimal effort. I part my wet hair in 4 sections and smooth the product on with my fingers. Then I take a t-shirt, scrunch the excess water out of my hair from the ends gently, then air dry. Once dry, I gently scrunch the crunch from my hair and voila! Sometimes I add a bit of gel to the edges for a more sleek look, but that's it. Please don't discontinue this product! It's a hair game changer. :)

  • Very Curly Hair
  • Controls Frizz , Smells Great , Lightweight , Easy To Use , Non-Greasy , Strong Hold , Non-Greasy
  • Beauty Conscious
  • Carson, CA
  • Been Rockin with Mixed Chicks for 4 years now!
Alisandra said : Guest Report Subscribe 2 years ago

Made with no silicones or Mineral Oil, this leave-in conditioner is super lightweight and does a great job at taming frizz! After shampooing my hair with the Mixed Chicks Sulfate Free Shampoo and conditioning with the Deep Conditioner also from Mixed Chicks, I am ready to apply this. First, I start off by squeezing out the excess water from my curls till my hair is actually "damp". Then I apply this leave-in throughout my curls. It is lightweight and the smell is not heavy. It is easy to apply, and I did not have trouble with knots, thanks to the Deep Conditioner. After I am done applying the cream, I let my hair air-dry. After about 5 hours, my curls are completely dry and I love the results! I have frizz-free curls with no friction! My hair also has a nice glossy shine to it! Besides using it as a leave-in, it makes great use as a styler too! So you can have a styler and a leave-in all in one, and that can save you money too! It is a pretty big bottle and has a great value. I used this on my cousin who has tight, mixed curls, and it gave her curls long hold, and she said she would definitely buy this! After I run out, I will be purchasing a second bottle!

  • Very Curly Hair
  • Controls Frizz , Smells Great , Lightweight , Easy To Use , Non-Greasy , Strong Hold , Non-Greasy
  • Product Junkie
  • Whitehall, PA
  • Tamed Frizz!
HouseFullOKids said : Guest Report Subscribe 2 years ago

I use this product on my 3 year old daughter's hair which is between 3B and 3C type curls. It is easy to apply to her hair after washing and smells great all day. Every time my daughter wears her hair down we get compliments while out in public. People ask us how we get her hair to look so good with tight spiral curls that feel so light and actually move. I always refer to this product! If I prepare her hair before bed at night, the curls remain for easy styling the next morning. I would recommend this product for any parent that has a child with curls. It makes mornings a little easier when it comes to styling a toddler's hair!

  • Very Curly Hair
  • Controls Frizz , Smells Great , Lightweight , Easy To Use
  • Minimalist
  • Birmingham,AL
  • Always get compliments on curls
Jwelch4 said : Guest Report Subscribe 2 years ago

This is one of my more pricey hair products and I really thought I would try it and just return it (i thought couldn't really work on my not mixed hair). OMG!! I have never had such flawless definition and volume at the same time in my wash and go's. It's lightweight, doesn't make my hair crunchy/hard and now my wash and go's can be dry in a few hours instead of ALLL day!

  • Very Curly Hair
  • Controls Frizz , Lightweight , Easy To Use , Non-Greasy , Strong Hold , Non-Greasy
  • Minimalist
  • Atlanta, GA
  • As much as it pains my wallet...
TRIZZYY33 said : Guest Report Subscribe 3 years ago


  • Very Curly Hair
  • Product Junkie
  • SC
Linda said : Guest Report Subscribe 3 years ago

I don't know what kind of mixed hair this product is made for. Most mixed hair, like mine(black & white) is soft, fine, curly, & wavy. This product is way too thick. I had to dilute it with water and it was still too thick. All it did was weigh my hair down and make it stringy, stiff, & sticky.

  • Wavy Hair
  • Sticky
  • Product Junkie
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Too Heavy