Mixed Chicks Makeup

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Many people aren’t aware that Mixed Chicks has cosmetic products, but we are here to change that! Just like our large selection of hair products, Mixed Chicks has an array of makeup products for our customers to use! Mixed Chicks offers 5 different In the Mix Quick Sticks that can act as a foundation, bronzer and highlighter!

  1. Our Timeless Tawny shade, which is for our fairer to lighter gals, has golden undertones, and can be used not only as a foundation, but as an under-eye brightener and highlighter.
  2. Our Sultry Sand shade is also great for fairer to lighter shades but has a more of a pink undertone. If you are worried Timeless Tawny might be too fair for you, then this is the shade for you.
  3. Moving onto our Alluring Almond. This shade is great for medium tones with more of a yellow undertone
  4. Next, we have Heavenly Hazel, is for our medium and warmer girls. This shade can be used for a seamless contour as well as a foundation.
  5. Moving onto our Bangin’ Bronze, this shade is for more deeper shades, and is for our girls with cooler undertones.

Still conflicting shades? Don’t worry, all of our In the Mix Quick Sticks blend easily making it easy to find your perfect mixture, so go ahead and try mixing one or two shades!