Taking Care of your Curls on Vacation

Taking Care of Your Curls on Vacation Image 2

Sometimes us curly girls don’t have time to get protective styles before vacation, so we opt to rock our natural curls. Don’t know how to take care of your curls on vacation? Don’t worry, Mixed Chicks has you covered.

The best thing you can do for your curls while you are enjoying you tropical vacation is to hydrate. Saltwater and chlorine are notorious for drying out your hair, so when enjoying water activities on vacation we recommend adding the Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner for an extra dose of hydration.

Our next tip when taking a trip to the pool or to the beach, is to throw your hair up in a bun, ponytail or a braid. Swimming with your hair down can cause tangled hair, and the dryness from the chlorine or saltwater can make it extra difficult to detangle. So we suggest that you skip the hassle and put your hair up, so it can be less likely for your hair to be tangled. PS! If you are struggling with tangled hair, we recommend using our Mixed Chicks Base Coat to help you get out those knots! If you’d like to let your hair flow and soak up some of the rays, take a water bottle and fill it with and some of our leave-in conditioner. Shake well and apply. This will assist with some sun protection and add definition to those curls while laying in the sun and some attention from the crowd!

Last, but certainly not least, it is crucial that you properly cleanse your hair after it comes in contact with chlorine or salt water. This is where a sulfate comes in handy! Our Mixed Chicks Clarifying Shampoo will remove chlorine, salt and any other elements from your vacation adventures! Once you’ve cleansed hair, we recommend using our deep conditioner for moisturizing and detangling.