All About Porosity: High Porosity Hair


High porosity hair absorbs water quickly and easily. However, high porosity hair can take a long time to dry. High porosity can sometimes seem weaker than low or medium porosity hair and sometimes require deep conditioning with a protein more often. It is important to remember that high porosity hair is seen in many different textures, as you can see in these two photos, both women have two completely different textures. Highly porous hair can appear in light and wavy textures or a thick and coily textures, porosity is determined by your hairs’ density. When it comes to styling high porosity hair, we recommend using lighter products. 

When it comes to washing and styling, you should include deep conditioning with protein one to two times a month and deep condition with moisture one to two times a month in your wash day routines.

To assist in styling High porosity hair, we recommend the following Mixed Chicks products:  Mixed Chicks Detangling Deep Conditioner, Mixed Chicks Leave-in, Curl Sculptor, Base Coat, Morning After, Replenishing Oil