All About Volume

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At Mixed Chicks we love our voluminous and bouncy curls, so we are going to teach you some tips and tricks to bring out great volume while still making sure your curls are defined!

  1. The first step to bringing out voluminous curls is making sure you are styling your hair correctly. At Mixed Chicks we have a few product recommendations that will help you achieve the volume you desire. First, we recommend using a lightweight styling product that does not weigh your hair down such as our Volumizer, Leave in Conditioner, or our Curl Sculptor. Try to avoid heavy creams and gels, as that will lay your hair flatter.
  2. Next, make sure you are applying your styler of choice away from your scalp. Combing the product in a downward motion will only elongate the curls, resulting in less volume.
  3. Our last, and probably most important tip (especially for those living in a colder climate area) is to opt for diffusing your hair dry rather than air drying! This not only may save you from getting sick walking out the door with wet or damp hair but speeds up the drying process and gives you instant volume! For perfectly styled and a more voluminous look, pick your hair out using our Mixed Chicks hair pick. With this step, it is super important to make sure your hair is 100% dry, and then proceed to fluff your hair out at the roots with the hair pick gently to avoid damage and breakage.