Here is why a foam might be the best Styling Product for you!

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Having problems with build-up and residue on the scalp and hair strands? It might be the type of styling products you are using. Many times curly girls like to using heavier products because there is a common misconception that heavier products provide maximum definition. But what if we told you that you can achieve that same definition using a lightweight product that won’t leave a lasting residue on our hair?

Our top-selling Morning After Re-Defining Foam is a great lightweight styler and curl refresher for all hair types! It helps reshape, redefine, and boosts next day hair. The Morning After Re-Defining Foam provides extreme definition with a medium hold, while adding shine to your hair, without creating a ton of build-up on the scalp. It assists in keeping frizz under control while adding bounce to your curls.

When using the Morning After Re-Defining Foam as a first day styler, we recommend applying a generous amount onto wet hair. For more definition, apply the product to hair in sections. Unlike other foams on the market, our product was designed for NEXT DAY HAIR and usage on DRY HAIR! When using the product to refresh day 2 or day 3 hair, apply to your (dry) next day curls when you wake up or when getting ready to hit the town. However, you can dampen your hair for a more defined look. The Morning After Foam is not only for wash n go’s and curls, you can use it for protective styles such as braids and twists as well.