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Guest Blog- Angela

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Hi there,

Hello beauties, my name is Angela Ricci and I’m a singer and Instagram blogger. First off, let me start by saying Mixed Chicks is one of the first products I started using when transitioning to natural hair. In fact, I have done all types of experiments with my hair which led to big chops and transitions several times but I had never really properly catered to my hair until recently when I started looking for natural products to hydrate, moisturise and maintain my curls. 

I was first introduced to Mixed Chicks through their leave-in conditioner which I thought was great in that it gave my curls hold without being too heavy on the hair, and it smelled beautifully fresh! I then tried their deep conditioning mask which I also loved. So when I heard that their new line was out, I was all for trying it! Below is a video of my wash-and-go routine using three products from their new line: the Co-Wash, Curl Sculptor and Styling Gel.

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I normally prefer to shampoo my hair rather than co-washing it but I thought this Co-Wash was great in giving my curls moisture while cleansing the scalp. It was so rich that even detangling was quite easy. Normally, I’d only be able to detangle after shampooing my hair and after keeping a good conditioner in for five to ten mins at least. So it was nice to be able to skip the shampoo and conditioner steps and have that all-in-1 instead. 

After detangling and thoroughly rinsing off the product, I leave my hair soaking wet and apply the Curl Sculptor with a crunching movement. This prevents the curls from separating and frizzing up, since the curl pattern is basically already formed with the detangling and rinsing process. Next I apply the gel, just to give the curls extra hold, especially towards the crown of my head which is a different texture than the bottom half of my hair.

I don’t generally use a styling gel because I dread the build-up and flakiness that normally comes with using it after a few days. But I was pleasantly surprised with this one in that it didn’t flake much at all.  

Another good combination is the Mixed Chicks Styling Cream and the Styling Gel. I did another wash-and-go the following week where I used these two products. Generally speaking, styling creams are a little more dense in texture and thus better used in braid-outs and twist-outs for example. I however tried it, just to see how it felt on my hair and I must say it beautifully hydrated my curls but weighed them down till the following day. In fact, my Day 2 and Day 3 curls were looking beautifully “curlicious”!

I also tried their Morning After Foam on my Day 7 hair (I generally wash it every 8 to 10 days) and it definitely gave my hair a good boost. It revived the curls with added shape and hold. For this, I just lightly wet my hair and applied a few pumps of the foam in my hands then scrunched it into my hair. It really did the trick! 

Thank you Mixed Chicks – please continue creating healthy products for all types of curls and thank you for choosing to collaborate with me. To all you beautiful curly ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, keep trying till you find what’s best for YOUR hair texture. But whatever you do, just never stop being you, embracing the mane you’ve been given and rocking it loud and proud!

Love and light,

Angela xxx