Guest Blog: Arturus Talks Embracing His Crown


I remember being a child and everyone would always say to my mom “She’s so gorgeous, what do you put in her hair?” Of course me being a child I would be a little upset about people calling me a girl but I guess that’s what comes with the life of a male with long curly hair. Growing up I would ask my mom to style my hair in a different style every week because my hair was my strength. It was pretty rare to see a boy like myself to show so much gratitude for my hair.

As I got older, like around the age of 12, my mom said I needed to learn how to do my own hair. So I took that and ran with it ! At the beginning I would try to do curly hairstyles but I hated my shrinkage. So my go-to style was one ponytail and sometimes the bubble ponytail. It started to get pretty boring after a while and sadly, that’s when a blow drier was introduced into my life.

When I started using the blow drier, you hardly had seen people rocking their natural hair. So basically that was my way of “fitting in” because it was a time where straight hair & perms were popular . I would blow dry my hair all the time throughout middle school and at the beginning of highschool. But on one random day, I decided to give my curly fro another try.

Soon after that, I started tying up “curly natural hair” on YouTube and that’s when my life changed forever! I started rocking braid outs, twist outs, finger coils, and wash & go’s. I had a few trial and errors but my curls started to bring me so much joy. As I experimented, I liked to switch it up so I cut, styled, and color treated my hair. But I kept my commitment to stay away from heat.

It’s been so interesting to learn that my hair is what makes me who I am, it’s my crown, and my shield. Looking back on the fact that I actually hated my hair in my early teenage years has taught me a lot as a person. Curly hair is unique, bold, eventful, and it’s my glory. The diversity of curly hair in 2017 is so amazing, I’m happy to say that I’m a man with gorgeous curly hair.