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Guest Blog: Blogger Caressa Reviews Our 2017 Line


Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner was my first favorite product to style my curly hair that actually worked, so when I heard a new line was brought out I was very eager to try it.

To cleanse my hair, I used the Conditioning Cleansing Co-Wash. It is a creamy shampoo texture but it does not lather but actually hydrates. It includes castor oil and jojoba oil to gently cleanse your hair without stripping it from the natural oils. I liked how this Co-Wash was not so thick as a conditioner but more of a lotion texture.

To actually style my hair I applied the LCO method but substituted the oil with a gel. I first applied The Curl Sculptor in sections throughout my hair. It is a thin consistency product, which hydrates your very well so you can actually use a dime size amount. I followed up with the Mixed Chicks Coil, Kink and Curl styling cream. This product is very creamy but not to heavy, it is enough to seal your ends if you have thin or low density hair. It creates a nice curl definition but it is also a good product to use for braid outs or twist outs. Lastly, I added the Styling Gel, which is my favorite of the entire line. It gives great definition and I ended up with frizz free curls! To have a complete look, add the Slick Styling Tamer to your edges to lay them down. It includes Castor Oil to stimulate the hair grow and Coconut Oil to prevent your edges from breaking.

The Daily Hair Dress and the Morning After Redefining Foam can be used to preserve your hair. I found that they are a great combination to refresh your second day or third day curls. The foam has a mousse texture to hydrate your hair again and it is very lightweight. I like to use the Daily Hair Dress on my ends because that is a thicker consistency and can make my curls clump together again to reduce frizz.

Overall I was very surprised by the new product line and enthusiastic. I can definitely say that Mixed Chicks knows how to make products not specifically for one curl type but for multiple hair textures.

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