Guest Blog: Eden’s Curly Hair Journey


Having curly hair is definitely a journey to say the least. I started out hating my curly hair and
constantly spent my days wishing I had bone straight hair. I got my first blow out when I was in
the fourth grade, I still remember sitting anxiously under the hood dryer with huge rollers
awaiting my new do’. When the hair dresser took the rollers out and began blow drying my hair,
I looked at myself and smiled as straight strands started falling around my face…this is what I
thought was beautiful. Fast forward, many years ahead to my Freshman year in College, I had
just been gifted a ‘turbo’ straightener that could crank all the way up to 450 Degrees. Needless
to say, I started straightening my hair I even went as far as straightening my
hair before bed (I know). As the semester progressed, I started noticing that my curls were
losing their spring and started falling straight. The crazy thing was, I was actually happy
because what took me an hour to do, was done in thirty minutes. It wasn’t until second
semester when I actually started getting worried about my hair. I asked friends and they told
me that it might be because my hair was getting too long. I got a trim…the hair was still
straight. I remember taking pictures and sending them to my mom asking her what was going
on. “Heat Damage, Eden.” Heat damage? What do you mean heat damage? I mean I only
straightened my hair every day. I started watching videos on YouTube of girls who were
recovering from heat damaged hair. I couldn’t do the big chop. Instead I started watching
reviews on products and went to my nearest Walgreens and loaded up on hair care items.
Some of the first products I started using were Mixed Chicks. And after a couple months of
weekly deep conditions, leave-ins, and protective styling, my curls came back; and that ‘turbo’
straightener went right in the trash! Utilizing the Mixed Chicks line taught me how special curly
hair is. The cream based products from the line seemed to hug each strand and give it the
extra moisture it needed in its recovery. Now, my favorite thing to use is the Daily Hair Dress.
It’s thickness resembles a luxurious conditioner, still giving my hair that extra boost it may
need. So I have a special love for Mixed Chicks, because these products taught me how to relove
my hair.