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Guest Blog-Garvey


I like to believe that my hair journey began when I was in the third grade. Though I’ve always worn my hair natural, my “big chop” came when my childhood friend and I went into the bathroom and cut my near waist length curls to about ear length. At the time, I was determined to make my long curly hair more similar to her shorter bone straight hair. As a pre-teen, I struggled with my hair. After my “big chop”, my hair texture changed completely and I struggled with extremely dry and frizzy hair. Naturally, I thought that meant I needed to use more hair products, but I ended up with weighed down and crunchy curls. My classmates would compare my hair to ramen noodles.

When I finally tried Mixed Chicks for the first time since my “big chop,” at first, I struggled to find the perfect combination. I started by using the daily hair dress followed by the curl sculptor and then applying a small amount of styling gel. This combination made my hair shiny and I noticed a tremendous reduction in shrinkage, however, I noticed my curl pattern wasn’t as defined as I would like. Going forward, I would use this combination for protective styling because it did help my hair stay in place and stay smooth when pulled back.

When I was younger, I would feel frustrated when I couldn’t find the right combination of products for my hair. We’ve all had those days where we walk out of the house with a fresh wash and product in our hair feeling like it’s going to be a good hair day and then the afternoon comes and you catch a glimpse of your reflection and wonder what happened. One thing I noticed about Mixed Chicks products is that they all compliment each other well and the products can easily build on top of each other without flaking or becoming tacky. The second time around, I decided to try the same regimen using the coil, kink and curl styling cream and this worked wonders. These three products left my hair feeling light and while maintaining the definition of my hair texture.

Products like these are what gave me the confidence about my hair that I didn’t have when I was a young girl. The products build well on top of each other so it is easy to experiment and find what works well for your hair needs. Plus, you’ll love that your hair smells just as wonderful as it looks!