Guest Blog: “How I Learned To Love My Hair-Gia West


How I Learned To Love My Hair

By: Gia West

Growing up, I wondered why my mother’s hair could be put in dreadlocks, an afro, or cornrows, but mine could not. My hair would fall out of cornrows or any braids after a day or two.  I desperately wanted my hair to match my parents’ hair, but I had a hair type and color that was totally different.  At school, kids whose skin looked like mine had very different hair from mine.  Why was I different?  Then one of my teachers, Mrs. Sarita, explained that she was a mixed chick like me and that I’m a beautiful combination of my parents, just like everyone else.  Mrs. Sarita told me that my hair and skin were beautiful and made just for me.  Although my parents had said the same thing, it didn’t really sink in until I heard it from someone just like me. With new confidence and pride, I began letting in my parents try different styles and products on my hair.  It was tough. It was hard to find products that would manage my hair all day.  Some products took care of the frizz, but left my hair looking greasy; others were less greasy, but the frizz came right back. Also, harsh chemicals can hurt the health of your hair and your body.  My parents were at their wit’s end until they found products online that were specifically made for kids like me.

We currently use Mixed Chicks products, and I couldn’t be happier.  My hair changes from day to day based on the weather or even throughout the same day.  It’s great having products that can tame my frizz, keep my hair hydrated, and also avoid the greasy look and feel.  Now I don’t have to try combining 10 different products to make sure that my hair looks decent every day. Best of all, Mixed Chicks supports many different hair types and emphasizes that each type is just as beautiful as the next. That will be important for my little sister who has her own crazy and cool hair type.  We’re both really different in personality, skin, and hair type…and we’re both incredibly beautiful in our uniqueness.

It’s important to know that you are beautiful by default.  Loving you requires loving your natural hair. Now that I love all of me, I enjoy taking pictures because I am proud of who I am, hair and all!  My parents and I posted my pictures online for family and friends, but then other people started to notice them.  Now, my parents regularly help me read messages on Instagram from kids who enjoy my pictures and comment on my hair.  I love being able to make them laugh and spread a positive message.  By sharing my story, I hope to be a role model for other Mixed Chicks. My name is Gia West, and this is how I learned to love my hair and spread that love to others.