Guest Blog- Kingston And Our Kids Line

Kingston 2

My name is Kingston Jade Crayton and I’m really excited to tryout and review the Mixed Chicks products. I’m not always excited to get my hair washed cause I’m tender headed and sometimes it takes a long time to untangle my hair . The first Mixed Chicks product I used were the Spring Bands. They are like ponytail holders. I put them on my hair before I went on a hike and I noticed that when I came in after my hike to take them out there was no hair left on the spring band. Which means they didn’t pull my hair out. This is awesome for hair that is long and curly like mine because regular ponytail holders always pull my hair out. Next, I tried the Mixed Chicks kids shampoo. My mom wet my hair and worked up a really good lather. The results were clean hair with a nice citrus smell. After washing my hair I used the Mixed Chicks Kids Conditioner. I was amazed with how fast my mom was able to detangle my hair. First she worked the conditioner through my hair. Then she used the Mixed Chicks brush to detangle my hair. The brush is really great. It detangles and it feels really good on my scalp. The whole process was surprisingly quick. The conditioner is really my favorite Mixed Chicks product because normally it takes a really long time to detangle my hair. The last product I tried was the Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner. After I washed out the conditioner, my mom used a generous amount throughout my hair as instructed. It was a really great product and it really made my hair feel soft and made it less frizzy. I’m really glad I found the products I think it’s good for my hair and it made the detangling process faster. Five stars on all the products I got to try from the Mixed Chicks line.