Thank you for allowing me to become an influencer and tell my story. I’ve had the experience to try the 2018 products, which I absolutely love! Lets start by saying I live in New Orleans, La so humidity is in my everyday struggle. Then lets add that my hair is super thick and curly so I either have to wet my hair every morning or add a lot of products. I’ve tried a lot of different products on my hair to the point where I have mixed products to test the results. Having curly thick hair in New Orleans takes longer to style than getting dressed.

I first got introduced to Mixed Chicks a couple years ago when I kept complaining to my friends about my hair and wanting to get a low cut. So my best friend started researching products and reviews about women like me and my texture hair. She came upon a lot of great reviews on Mixed Chicks’ shampoo and conditioner so she purchased me both products. I tried them both and loved the results. I have a few favorite products in this collection that I can’t go without applying to my hair like the co-wash. It keeps my hair hydrated and alive. Thank you for allowing me to try these products and I cannot wait to see whats next.