Guest Blog: Nayeli of S’more Sistas


Nayeli is the youngest child of the kids Youtube channel, S’more Sistas. She is 7 years old and loves being part of the show. Nayeli is mixed with Puerto Rican & African American. Her hair is a combination of small tight curls, with a dry and coarse texture. She had a good experience using the Mixed Chicks products. She is naturally tender headed and sometimes finds it painful when getting her hair styled.


Using the Mixed Chicks shampoo & conditioner made her hair texture more manageable & softer. The Mixed Chicks shampoo thoroughly cleaned her hair and removed previous hair product that tends to flake. The Mixed Chicks conditioner has a tropical smell and lathered very well into her curly hair. After the wash, detangling her hair was easier to comb through. She used the Mixed Chicks tangle tamer to get parts of her hair that needed that extra boost of moisture. It worked great! Before styling, Yasmeen used a little dab of the Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner since she was going to leave part of Nayeli’s hair down. This allowed her hair to not frizz over time and lock in the moisture throughout the day. Yasmeen completed the hairstyle without tears and complaints from Nayeli. That is a miracle! The girls were filming their next Youtube video, so Yasmeen enjoyed being able to show behind the scenes of hairstyling. She does both of her Sisters’ hairstyles before each photoshoot and Youtube filming. She loves getting creative with different looks and style. She did a top bun and left the other half down with bouncy curls. Using Mixed Chicks products made hairstyling more effortless. Win Win!! You can find the S’more Sistas on Instagram and Youtube @smoresistas

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