Guest Blog: “Perks Of Being A Natural Girl”- Siddiquah Greene


1.) Y’all still running from the rain to prevent your hair from being messed up? Not I!???????? The rain is no longer this frightening thing to me because all my hair is gonna do is soak it in and boom Mother Nature just blessed me with some moisture????????????

2.) No longer having to freak out about new growth at my roots, shoot at this point I’m praying for new growth on a daily basis, doing every thing I possibly can to welcome it! Funny how when you don’t want something it’s there but when you start checking for it, it wanna act brand new????

3.) Getting random compliments and questions from people! (Not that I’m conceited or need validation) but you know that compliment every now and then is such a confidence booster because who would’ve known that by just being free to be me people would love my hair even more! It’s so beautiful to see the changes that are happening within black women❤️

4.) Finding that inner strength and courage to embrace myself! I would have never, I mean NEVER went natural in high school because for one, kids are mean and God forbid you try to be different and two, back then I cared to much about what people thought about me and I’m just so proud of myself for getting out of that stage and starting to embrace my authentic self!

5.) Just the very fact that NO ONE has our hair texture, it is something that is uniquely black! And although there are people who try to imitate… It will always be fake????✋????

6.) The versatility! There’s so much that can be done with natural hair; puffs, twist outs, braid outs, Bantu knots, braids, weave, Senegalese twist, wash and go, wash and set…the list goes on and on there’s always something new we can do to make sure that when we get bored with one style it’s on to the next WITHOUT a perm????????