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Guest Blog- UK Musician Cherelle Reviews Her Favorites


They sent me their box full of seven wonderful products.

I’ve been using them for a month now and they are really helping keep my hair moisturised and defined.

My three favourites are the

•Co wash

•Curl sculptor

• Styling cream.

-The Co-wash, unlike some others you have used in the past do not dry out my hair. I have had some co-washes and cleansers that say “no lather” and then glam up much like a shampoo, but this one removes build up easily without the foam. My hair didn’t feel dry after i washes it out and I felt it was properly prepped and ready for conditioner.

-The Curl Sculptor is great and it’s genuinely one of my top 3 moisturisers to use after conditioning. The consistency is very thin; like a liquid, which is good in this instance because you only need a little bit to do your whole head of hair (which means it’s going to last longer!). It’s very easy to brush through and isn’t sticky at all which I love. It’s also very good at locking in moisture and defining my curls. I didn’t have any shrinkage with this yet my curls were very bouncy, so it’s a win win. Also the smell is lovely and lasts all day.

-The Curl, Coil, Kink, and Styling Cream has been very beneficial for me in this cold. My hair tends to dry out in the winter and this has keep my curls from drying out. I only use a little bit of this and brush through. I especially like to use it on the ends of my hair and scrunch. This is a great product for extra moisture and it smells great too. This product works very well for me when combining it with the Curl sculptor.”