Mommy and Me: Dominic’s Hair Story


By Desiree Johnson

Welcome to the Your Hair Story Series presented by Mixed Chicks. This dynamic, new innovative series allows Mixed Chicks users to share their personal stories behind their hair. Hair that kinks, coils, curls, waves, and tells a story reflecting their culture, race, ethnicity, and upbringing. Like our customers, hair comes in all shades, textures and shapes unique to each individual and here at Mixed Chicks we want to celebrate that to the utmost extent. Meet our exquisite Mixed Chicks women, men, and children who exhibit beauty from the root and give us honest, bold stories that we are honored to share with you.


I normally could NEVER leave my son’s hair down because it would become frizzy and and extremely tangled. I’ve tried other products to achieve being able to leave his hair down but none have worked.

This is my first time being able to let my son’s hair down and let him run free! It bounces and flow and he gets compliments everywhere he goes on his long gorgeous curls! Even the next day as long as it’s wrapped properly it is ready to go! As far as what I do to achieve this look. I wash his hair with the  2017 Mixed Chicks Co-Wash and OMG it comes out SUPER clean and moisturized in just one wash! I then normally put in a leave in conditioner. My FAVORITE leave in conditioner is Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner and has been for years! I then put in a little bit of Mixed Chicks Styling cream and I braid his hair into 4 braids 2 in the front and 2 in the back making sure to secure each braid at the ends with a rubber band. This is his normal go to everyday hairstyle anyway.

I wait until it’s completely or nearly dry and I unbraid the braids and fluff with hands until desired fullness (usually wait overnight). If it’s a little frizz I use some Mixed Chicks Morning After Redefining Foam as well as a small amount of Mixed Chicks Curl Sculptor/ and or Mixed Chicks Styling Gel. If edges aren’t where I would like them to be I use my FAVORITE edge control which is the Mixed Chicks Slick Styling Edge Tamer! Simply AMAZING! I not only use it for his hair but all my kids and my own hair. It even works AMAZING on my daughter’s 4c hair. I love that it helps them embrace their natural curls whatever that may be and feel absolutely HANDSOME or BEAUTIFUL.

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