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10 Easy On-the-Go Curly Hairstyles to Try This Spring


As a curly girl, creating styles that are versatile, quick, and fierce is no easy feat. Curly hairstyles range from texture to length, but the styles are endless. On-the-go hairstyles are all about maintaining the balance between a look that’s quick but still compliments your personal style. For some, it’s braids, updos, wash & gos, or adding a fun hair accessory to make a statement. If you’re in need of some hair inspiration and want to spring into March with a new ‘do, keep scrolling to see 10 different hairstyles when you’re pressed for time.

Half-up Half Down Topknot Wash & Go

“To achieve this look I made sure my hair was soaking wet and had the eco styler black castor and flax seed oil leave in conditioner on it before I styled it. I then separated my hair in half and clipped the bottom half off to the side. I then parted the middle of the top off into three sections. I twisted each section and securing the hair with a rubber band. After the rubber bands were on I styled my edges using the Mixed Chicks Edge Tamer and a toothbrush. Then bushing all of the top section into a ponytail. I then rewet the hair in the ponytail and applied the eco styler black castor & flax seed oil styling gel to the curls and doing the shingling method to ensure that every hair strain was coated with the gel. After I finished that section I started on the bottom and I pretty much just did a wash n’ go.”

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