10 Mini Natural Hair Products For Wash Day While You’re Away


Vacation’s all we ever wanted… we just don’t want to bring our entire shower caddy with us. See, naturalistas need a lot of product on hand to make sure every curl and coil is moisturized and defined to perfection, which isn’t always convenient when you’re away from home. At the same rate, it sucks having to transport gloopy curl creams or that last bit of shampoo into TSA-friendly containers — or worse, having to buy a brand new set of products upon touchdown. Instead, pack one (or two) of these minis, which already happen to be goods that we know, love, and have full sizes of at home… and save that $25 baggage fee for a shot glass or a T-shirt instead.

For a dollar, you get a decent dollop of Mixed Chicks’ sulfate-free shampoo, leave-in, and detangling deep conditioner. Half of each tube should get you through an entire wash day, as the formulas are very thick and creamy.

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