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11 Dads Reveal the “Girly” Things They Know a Lot About Because of Their Daughters


What makes a cool dad, you ask? Someone who’s fully invested in what his daughter is into, that’s what. But just how much are dads willing to learn out of genuine love for the daughters? In a recent Reddit thread, dads answered that question by sharing what “girly” topics they know a lot about thanks to their daughters. From periods to hair styling to The Cheetah Girls, these dads know what’s up.

1. “I never knew that I had a knack for straightening out hair, but apparently I do and she asks me to do it even when mom is home.” MadLintElf

2. “I know the names of every MLP [My Little Pony] character. When your 3-year-old daughter is crying and can’t sleep and asks for Fluttershy, you’d better bring Fluttershy and not Pinkie-Pie or you’re in for a long night. She’s 9 now and into Pokémon, so I’m being forced to finally learn all of the ten thousand or so Pokémon names so I can understand what on Earth she’s talking about. I can also do pony tails and buns, something I never thought I’d have to do. Braids still need Mommy’s help.” —zerbey

3. “The Cheetah Girls. Around ten years ago The Cheetah Girls concert tour came through town. My daughter was DYING to go see them and was disappointed that her mother and step-sisters wouldn’t buy tickets. She mentioned this to me during her weekend with me and I remembered I knew someone who worked at the arena. I got ahold of him and he was able to get me a pair of sweet tickets close to the stage.

I surprised my daughter by putting the tickets in a birthday card for her. I don’t think she was all that thrilled that I would be taking her to her first concert, but she was willing to sacrifice. We went to dinner (McDonald’s…her choice) and then to an arena filled with screaming little girls. My daughter was screaming right along with them and she had a great time. I had a great time, too, just knowing how much she was enjoying it.” —JakeInBake

4. “Thanks to having a daughter, I now know the ins and outs of Girl Scout cookie sales. I got roped in to being in charge of cookies her first year in scouts. They take that stuff seriously.” —BighouseJD

5. “Father of a 4-year-old here. I know it seems girly, but I love to brush my little girls hair and apparently have a knack for painting finger nails and toe nails. She has very curly hair so at first, brushing it after her bath was an adventure to the depths of hell every time. But now, I find it easy and she is very calm about it. The reason I like painting her nails is because the look in her eyes is that of amazement, and when I get done she prances around the house like she is the cock of the walk. Love her to death, man. She’s awesome .” —dubmcswaggins

6. “Planning events around the period schedule, the intricate dynamics of junior high school friendships, door slamming techniques, teen fashion, popular music. I can also put hair in a bun.” —IIlIlIlIllIIllIIlIll

7. “There are so many purses, and they all have their own meaning and use.” —Kingsolomanhere

8. “Moana, which I secretly love as much as she does.” —Uglykidlou

9. “White guy, wife is black, we have twin 5 year old girls with hair that’s kind of in-between. I know more about all the different hair products than any man not in the hair care business has a right to know. Mixed Chicks brand is our favorite. It’s especially fun to go into a store and ask for it by name. Also, Disney princesses. I know all of them and their stories. I’ve seen all the movies numerous times and know most of the songs by heart. Not because I want to, just because I do.” —jcpmojo

10. “I’m learning about a lot of things but as my girls are only 4 and younger, I have become an expert on Disney Junior shows. I was way more interesting in learning Doc McStuffins’ real name (Dotty) than I probably should have been. When the new show Elena of Avalor came out, I was the one who set it to record because it looked interesting and I was excited to have a new show to watch!” —Cabnboy

11. “Motherfuckin’ bobby-pins.” —Chastain86

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