3 Tips and Tricks on Tackling Curly Hair in the Summer


Summer is all about enjoying the warm weather!

But the heat and humidity can make it hard to keep curls looking cute — especially for on-the-go kids.

Luckily for you, we’ve gone straight to the experts at Mixed Chicks. From their creamy conditioner and yummy smelling shampoo, the creators behind the brand know all the tricks to tackling your tot’s tresses (and even yours – they have an adult line, too!).

With fun in the sun, sand and beach days ready to be enjoyed, here are a few tips to help maintain and fortify those picture perfect ringlets.

1. Quench and hydrate

Spending more time in the sun can cause curly girls to suffer from dry, brittle and frizzy tresses. Try not to over use clarifying shampoos that offer no protection from damage, especially daily. Instead, substitute a good hydrating deep conditioner using the co-wash method to quench those parched sun-kissed coils.

While you are remembering to hydrate outside, don’t forget what goes in also comes out! Although a juice box or an ice-cold soft drink can be immediately gratifying, it is also very dehydrating. For every intake of caffeinated, carbonated or sweetened beverage, drink two glasses of water to rehydrate. (Tip: Try adding fresh fruit to rev up the taste for your little ones!)

2. No heat please … But a light snip would be lovely

You may not be using styling tools on your mini-me just yet, but even a hair dryer should be skipped when possible. (Air drying for the win!)

And don’t forget the occasional trim … a light snip on the ends will help keep their curls defined and eliminate frizz.

3. Switch out their pillowcase 

Sleeping on a satin pillowcase prevents friction, tangling and preserves natural sebum. Cotton and other materials do not create enough slippage and overtime may cause damage and breakage. Be sure that it’s 100 percent satin — some polyester blends can create hot sweaty nights, skin irritation and uncomfortable sleeping patterns. (Translation: Less sleep for you, too!)

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