9 Ladies Who Know The Secret To Great Hair

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 The first step to amazing coils is knowing how your specific curl pattern reacts to different products. According to celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble, as a general rule, tighter curls require more product while looser curls require less. Of course, this is definitely a case-by-case basis — many variables, like width, density, and porosity come into play — but becoming familiar with what your mane loves can only help the health of your hair in the long run.
Wendi Levy, co-founder of of curly-hair brand Mixed Chicks, echoes this sentiment and adds that you should not only know your curl type up and down, but also embrace and appreciate it. “Everyone has a different curl pattern — use products to enhance YOUR pattern and try not to look to achieve the same look as others,” she says. “Enjoy what God has given you!”

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