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Mixed Chicks Founders Kimberly Etheredge and Wendi Levy desired to create a product to meet the natural hair care needs of multi-ethnic people around the world. Together they created a universal product line to increase the variety of natural hair product options and caught the attention of many celebrities such as actresses Tracee Ellis Ross and Jennifer Hudson.

In April 2015, I was a few weeks away from graduating from North Carolina Central University, and I wanted a different look for the big day. So I convinced my best friend to cut off my relaxed tresses for a fresh “big chop” brush cut look. I felt so free, but after months of researching other people’s natural hair journeys, I found that product utilization is a key factor in healthy natural hair. Recently, I had the opportunity to use the following products from the Mixed Chicks product line. The Gentle Clarifying Shampoo, Detangling Deep Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner, and Curl Sculptor during a visit with my hairstylist Denise R. of Robyn Mitch Hair Salon located in Durham, North Carolina.

Stylist: Denise ”Robyn” Mitch | Instagram

I arrived at the salon with my hair in its natural state from a 5-day old twist out appearance. My stylist washed my hair with the Gentle Clarifying Shampoo. The smell had a fresh clean aroma to it, and after two washes, I really enjoyed the texture of my hair, which felt cleansed and not dry. We both agreed it was a product I could use on my hair texture. Previously, I’ve been told my hair is a 3C natural hair type, but I feel my texture differs on different areas of my scalp. Sometimes I feel 3C and other times I feel like 4C, but either way, I love my natural hair, because it’s like my personality, creatively unique. My ethnic background is Eastern Band Cherokee, West African (Ivory Coast), and African American. So I have a variety or originations when it comes to my natural texture.




Stylist: Denise ”Robyn” Mitch | Instagram

Up next was the Detangling Deep Conditioner, and I have always had issues with finding products that have slip for detangling. This conditioner softened my hair and provided the moisture I needed. We left the product on for about 15 minutes. After rinsing we applied the Leave-in Conditioner and we were able to decrease my detangling time by 15 minutes plus scrunching my curls. This is when I could see curl definition, and I was so excited because when you have thick hair like mine curl definition is everything. We did a low-heat blow dry to see how my hair would manifest with my new hair color that was added at the previous salon appointment. My hair felt so silky and was flowing.

Stylist: Denise ”Robyn” Mitch | Instagram

Still, I wanted to know what my curls would do in the natural style I typically wear during the colder months in North Carolina. I did the same product routine at home, but this time around I added a dime size amount of Curl Sculptor to my curly tresses. I used a low-heat setting on my infuser blow-dryer, and I noticed how defined my curls appeared compared to other products I’ve used. To keep my curls refreshed I used the Daily Hair Dress to keep my look until the next wash day. I’m definitely adding Mixed Chicks to my go-to natural products collection.

So what are your staple Mixed Chicks favorites? Share your story with us.

Stylist: Denise ”Robyn” Mitch | Instagram

[Original Story by Sheen Magazine]