Exclusive: Mixed Chicks Continues to Hold Market Share, Launches Into Cosmetics

Mixed Chicks CEO, Kim Etheredge, dishes on the brand and why the natural hair movement is stronger now than ever before.

Mixed Chicks hair brand was founded in 2003 as one of the first beauty businesses to address the unique hair needs of the multi-ethnic community. Since then, they have expanded from a web-based business to being sold in over 4,000 retail outlets across the nation and are a celebrity favorite of such stars like Halle Berry and Jennifer Hudson. Now, the business is primed more than ever before to be at the forefront of Black hair. Here, the CEO, Kim Etheredge dishes on the brand and why the natural hair movement is stronger now than ever before. Mixed Chicks has been around for years, what keeps the brand relevant?

Kim Etheredge: Listening to our customers is a must. We have to try and provide them with products that are requested and necessary. Making consistent products that work keeps you alive but staying in tune with the desires of our customers and hair community is what will keep us in the game! What separates Mixed chicks from other brands?

Etheredge: I think our products can serve an array of women with different textures rather than one. Many of us, if not all have “combination” textured hair. There is something for everybody whether you want to rock your hair curly, straight or in any updo style. Why do you think women are more interested in wearing their natural hair now more than ever before? Etheredge: As women are really placing ourselves in more positions of power and learning not to worry about what others think. I think we are more confident than we have ever been and are expressing ourselves with our individual clothing, make-up and hair styles. What’s new for the company? What can we expect for the rest of the year?

Etheredge: We are working on new products! We have currently launched our cosmetics line “In the Mix” and we have a new line of styling products for our ladies that love to enhance their tresses by two strand twist, bantu knot and finger styling as well as products for our ladies who love rocking their faux hawks, updo’s and sleek and slick styles!

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