How To Clean Up After A Workout Without A Shower By Using These 7 Life Saving Products


Admit it: When you go to your cycling class before work, or even before a social event, you don’t always leave yourself enough time to properly clean up. Whether the line to the shower is too long, or your fitness establishment — *gasp* — doesn’t even have a place to rinse off, you’re often tasked with the challenge of figuring out how to clean up after a workout without a shower. But all that really means is you need to improvise a little when it comes to your hygiene, you feel me?

After all, the human race got through the dark ages, right? And those people never showered, as far as I know. Trust me, I have gone straight from the gym to a dinner with friends more times than I care to recall, and I can confidently tell you that skipping your post-workout shower doesn’t have to mean you’ll smell like the inside of your sneakers, no matter how hard you went in that boxing class. You just need a couple of products to help freshen everything up from head to toe.

But let me give you one pro tip before I tell you what those products are: The most important thing of all is to make sure you bring clean underwear and socks. It makes every bit of difference if you remember those two major details, and the rest is just gravy — except, you know, hopefully you’re going to leave your sweat session smelling a little better than gravy.

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Hair can be quite a problem after a good sweat; it’s one of the giveaways that you haven’t bathed. But that’s fine, I got you.

After you flip your hair back and forth like you’re at a metal concert for a few minutes, add a product that will soak up some of that oil, while giving you a little fluff at the same time. This goodie by Mixed Chicks is awesome, but dry shampoo or baby powder will get the job done, too.

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