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The Curly Girl’s Guide To Summer – How To Style And Treat Curly Hair In Hot Weather


‘My fro definitely needs more care in the summer months and this summer particularly, I’ve had to upgrade my routine as I travelled around New York and Los Angeles last month, meeting other curly haired girls for my blog.

‘So my tip is to wrap my hair in a pineapple shape, that way it loses less moisture against my pillow.

‘Using an African headwrap, I pull my hair down in front of my face, then tie it up with the new hair bands from Mixed Chicks which are shaped like a phone cord; I find them less damaging as they don’t pull on my hair.

‘If I wrap my hair well, then the next morning I can just style and go. Also the biggest tip I can offer is simple but effective: drink more water. It definitely helps my curls look good.’



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