This Under-$10 Leave-In Conditioner Worked Wonders On My Curly Hair During The Dry Winter Months

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As a woman with curly hair, I have a love/hate relationship with winter. I love that there’s way less humidity than summer so my curls aren’t a frizzy mess, but I hate how dry my hair can get when the temperatures drop. Trust me, dry hair is just as bad as frizzy hair–not cute!

Then, a hair miracle came across my desk: Mixed Chicks Curl Sculptor. Believe it or not, I’ve never actually used Mixed Chicks products even though they are beloved in the curly hair community. I went in with no expectations, so I can objectively say, this stuff is amazing.

I co-washed my hair like I normally do one morning, but instead of reaching for me go-to leave-in conditioner, I applied a healthy amount of the Mixed Chicks Curl Sculptor. As soon as the cream hit my hand, I had high hopes because it felt rich and thick which is exactly what my hair needs. As my hair air dried, I was so pleasantly surprised that this leave-in did exactly what it promised: gave my curls weightless definition and left them super soft and touchable. Even better, my hair remained soft and hydrated for two days afterwards!

Given that curly hair requires lots of maintenance (and products!), I’ll admit the most pleasant surprise about Mixed Chicks Curl Sculptor is that it costs less than $10. At that price, I’ll definitely be restocking on a regular basis.

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