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#WeTriedIt: These Mixed Chicks products are a curly-haired girl’s dream


So here’s the lowdown: Mixed Chicks is a line of all-natural hair products for women of all races that promises frizz-free natural curls—what they call a “curly revolution.” And no, you don’t have to be mixed-race to use it! As a girl with natural hair who is always looking for the next great product, I was excited to try out the trio: shampoo, leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner. (My normal weekly routine is to shampoo my hair once a week, co-wash my hair every day and use leave-in conditioner after every wash, so it was the perfect product combo.)

Shampoo: I used this after coming home sticky and sweaty from the gym, and OMG ladies—it smelled glorious. Not only did this shampoo cleanse my hair, it also left it feeling fresh and not at all dry. Thumbs up.

Conditioner: The Mixed Chicks deep conditioner has become my new best friend. First, I got all deep into my roots and just massaged in the conditioner, then did my shower business while the conditioner was setting. Once I did a rinse, my hair was unbelievably soft. The product is made with strengthening safflower seed oil, and I really felt a difference in the week I used it.

Leave-in conditioner: The leave-in was perfect for a quick wash and go, but I also used for a twist out. I will seriously never use another leave-in again. All I needed was a quarter-sized dollop, it left no white residue and my curls were defined and springy. Love it!

Final review: AMAZING! If you’re a curly-haired chick looking for a new line of products to try, this is it. The only downside? I’d say it’s best to be used as a trio, and it’s a little pricey ($10.99-$39.99). After a week of use, though I was less than a quarter through each product, so it seems like they’ll last a while.


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