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All About Porosity: Low Porosity Hair


Knowing your hairs’ porosity is absolutely necessary to ensure that you are using the best products and styling methods for your hair. 

 If your hair does not easily absorb moisture and dries quickly, you most likely have low porosity hair. Low porosity hair cuticles are layered tightly and closed together that water molecules are too large to penetrate the hair shaft, making it difficult for water to saturate your hair when it is time to wash it. Because low porosity hair is less absorbent, it is more prone to buildup, so it is crucial to use a shampoo that effectively removes surface residue to prevent buildup from interfering with styling and affecting the way the hair feels. When styling your hair, try using thicker products to ensure that your hair stays moisturized.

To assist in styling low porosity hair, we recommend the following Mixed Chicks products: Detangling Deep Conditioner, Base Coat, Coil Kink, and Curl Styling Cream, Daily Hair Dress, Replenishing Oil for Hair and Skin, Hair Four Days Calming Cream, and the Styling gel.