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Tips and Tricks to avoid shrinkage and elongate your curls


Us curly girls know all too well about shrinkage. Shrinkage is when your hair goes from being stretched out by water, to tightening as it begins to dry. To be clear, shrinkage is NATURAL, does not change your curl pattern; your curl pattern just gets tighter, altering the hairs appearance from when your hair was wet. Some people experience more shrinkage than others, and that is due to the differing textures, porosities, and curl patterns. While some people don’t mind shrinkage, other prefer their hair not shrink as much and need tips on how to avoid.  

  1. The first way to help with elongating curls to avoid shrinkage is using a diffuser. Once your hair is 70% to 80% air dried, try using a diffuser and focus on drying your roots. After your roots are drying, gently pull the ends down while focusing the diffuser on the middle section of your hair. 
  2. Try a different styling technique! Braid outs, twist outs, and Bantu knots are great for elongating your hair. Just make sure your hair is fully dry before undoing those methods, whether it’s being air dried or sitting under a dryer. Check out our Mixed Chicks Coil, Kink, and Curl Styling Cream, Mixed Chicks gel, and Curl Sculptor, that works well with braid outs, twist outs, Bantu knots, and wash n’ go’s. 
  3. Avoid using a product with alcohol
  4. Use an elongating styling product. Gels, mouses, and custards are products that often help elongate your hair and can elongate your hair without causing too much frizz. Shop some of our products that assist with elongation here (enter styling gel, castor oil gels, and curl sculptor, volumizer, morning after) – add why those are elongating 
  5. After diffusing, using a hair pick to pick out your roots gives your hair volume and helps avoid shrinkage! However, it is important to only pick your hair out when it is completely dry. Simply take the hair pick and fluff out the roots of your hair. Make sure you only use the pick to fluff out the top of your hair, as you do not want to add frizz to your hair! Try out our brand-new Mixed Chicks Hair Pick available for purchase now! 
  6. Using hairbands to stretch your hair is another great way to get your desired results. When relaxing at home, throw your hair up in a ponytail with the Mixed Chicks Spring bands.