Guest Blog: S’more Sistas Yasmeen

S’more Sistas partnership with Mixed Chicks Yasmeen creates fun hairstyles for her Sisters/YouTube partners before every video shoot. Their YouTube channel is called S’more Sistas.

Guest Blog- Marina

“All you beautiful curl-friends know, live by and believe me that our curls are our crowns. Without a doubt, a good hair manifests itself in

Guest Blog- LaLa

We are most definitely a huge fan of the Mixed Chicks hair products now! This was our first time experiencing this high quality product. Lala

Guest Blog- Brooke Thompson

Mixed Chicks Product Review Everyday hair care can be a challenge, especially if you have thick curly hair.  I am a 21 year old young

Guest Blog- Chanille

MY CURLY HAIR ROUTINE In my short life I probably already tried more than 100 hair products. But the one curly hair brand that never

Guest Blog- Ryan

    For most of my life my curls have been the result of me being too lazy to go to the salon or do